WoWing Again

I got a chance to raid last Thursday as both Holy and Disc.  Wow is there a difference between the two now…

Disc seems to be roughly the same it always has been.  My ADHD has always kept me from MT healing so I can’t comment on that but raid healing is still all about the bubbles.  In fact thats all I was doing was simply spamming the shit out of shields.  I dropped as much spirit as I could and pumped it into mastery, I think I’m up to 17?  I compared my stats with another disc priest and based on some very rough math it felt like 1pt of mastery felt like 70-100 spellpower (in terms of PW:S, which is what it effects).

Correct me if I’m wrong but mastery works like expertise.  You only get the effect for having a full point?   You get the same benefit from 10 as you do from 10.1 or 10.8.

As Mr. Bobturkey pointed out mastery is just kind of a bonus.  If I wasn’t so over the top on mana regen then it’s unlikely I’d be putting any bonus points into it.

side note:  We’re gonna miss you Mr. Bob!  You’ve always been super helpful to the community and we are all gonna miss you.  I hope you get the time with your kids and get everything in order.  WoW can easily become your life (trust me… I know).  It will spiral out of control and before you know it it owns your soul.  I’m glad you have realized it and are seeking a way to conquer it (Blizzard helps push the hardcore away anyway with the dumbing down of the game).  Best of luck sir and be safe in your travels.

Disc was certainly built for raid leading.  It’s mainly just point and shield at this point (if you are raid healing).  Any MT healers out there who have other opinions on disc?

Ugh… I know some people (read: Waijhou) are absolutely in love with the new holy.  I know the meters show them doing INSANE things with it.

Chakra creates a BIG issue for me.  Every time I get into a specific chakra state I feel like I’m pidgeon-holed.  I know it doesn’t actually force you to cast that one spell but that’s what it feels like to me.  I feel like I have to cast that one spell nonstop to keep chakra from wearing off and I forget I even have that holy word: chastise that turns into a new spell.  Then I see someone and I go to heal a single person with prayer of healing (can’t use flash, it doesn’t help my current chakra!)  I swear it’s an absolute nightmare for me.

Maybe with enough practice I’d get use to it but man o man is it difficult for me.

Mastery for holy is what really weirds me out.  I haven’t looked at the numbers over a whole raid but it really feels insignificant.  I guess doing a heal for 10k and then an additional 1k over 6 seconds isn’t bad.  Watching the big healing circles tick and then the additional healing is neat… but the numbers are so small they seem useless.

I didn’t check into how much spellpower mastery equates to for holy but it could be really beneficial at higher numbers.  Would be interesting to see how it pans out.

Will try and see how it goes Friday raiding.


6 thoughts on “WoWing Again

  1. Ira Wile says:

    here’s a raiding tip: the next time you tell your ‘friend’ that you’re ‘not really raiding’ , don’t forget that you report your non-raiding on the fucking internet.

  2. Xeo says:

    I’m attempting to take deep breaths and laugh off your attack but it isn’t working.

    1. I’m not leading any raids until Cataclysm so I don’t even have a choice on who goes on the raids.

    2. One raid a week classifies as “not really raiding”. Especially when you are the first person to know how hardcore I could be raiding (since all you ever did was verbally attack me about WoW every time you got the chance).

    3. You play the game differently than I do, we both acknowledge that. That’s fine, we have fun joking about it but I take my raiding seriously. I want others in the raids I lead to take it seriously as well.

  3. Conifer says:

    Raiding is serious. When you only raid once (sometimes twice) a week, you want those hours to really count.

    I’m with Xeo on this. I want to raid 4-8 hours a week and still see ALL content (including heroic modes and get my drakes). IMO, keep the silliness in /g.

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