Vacation pt.2

FYI: This post is silly long and picture heavy but it only covers a 2 day period!

So… where did we leave off?  It was the night before x-mas Blizzcon and we went to a club called the Frat House.

Side Note:  First time I heard this song from Taio Cruz called Dynamite…

Now, Frat House… what kind of club is that you ask?  It’s a gay club somewhere in Anaheim that we expected to have some good music and even better drinks.  Gay clubs always have the best drinks because when you ask for a vodka and red bull it’s a pint of vodka on the rocks and a splash of red bull for coloring.  The concierge told us it had a mainly latino crowd but that didn’t stop us.  We got there and quickly found out that only Andy, Ray and myself spoke English (the bartenders kind of did).  That’s okay though, it was a bit early for being at the bar anyway (9 or 10pm) and they had a pool table (flashback to Den stomping everyone at his house).  We were playing pool for a bit when an older latino gentleman came over to the table and put his quarters down.

I heard /duel!

I had won the last round so I got to pvp the guy.  He spoke no English and he was a mediocre pool player.  He kept calling pockets like he was some hot shit but he was certainly not a Den caliber… hell, I almost beat him.

Up next was Andy and about this time my stomach is going into overdrive.  My stupid hamburger had a piece of cheese on it and the lactose intolerance was SRSLY kicking in.  Usually I’m okay if I have a good deal of protein or fiber with a tiny TINY TINY amount of lactose but with all the drinking and foods foreign to my digestive system it hadn’t been doing so good in the first place.

The place had good music but overall it hadn’t been too great and poor Ray-ray was getting all confused by the trannies.  At some point I remember him saying, “Woah woah woah, are those girls?  My junk is getting confused!” or something like that anyway.

We closed out the tab and had the barkeep call for a taxi…

Half an hour goes by and the taxi isn’t there yet.  At this point I’m contemplating how bad it would be letting the anger out (read: going #2)… in my pants.  Luckily its glass cutting nipple cold outside which helps and eventually the taxi rolls up.  The neighborhood doesn’t look bad so I’m not sure why it took so long.  I told Andy to tell the barkeep to tell the taxi service that we wouldn’t be drunk and something along the lines of we speak English.

Anyway we made it back to the hotel and went to sleep.

I wanted to be up around 7am or something silly to get in line for Blizzcon.  Andy got up at 7 I think and went and had breakfast then he went and got in line (he’s so nice!)  Ray and I got up around 9 am and I headed downstairs to get in my first line…

Starbucks was up past the Exit doorways and around the corner.  At least this line was moving though and Ray-ray and Felada joined me for the wait.  I was smart though and got soy milk in my chai frap instead of regular milk.

Thanks to Andy being so tall (17 feet 43 inches) he was able to take a pic of where we were at in line.

Andy did an amazing job and got us super close to the front door but we had to hop over the fence to get into the line.  I ended up feeling kind of bad though cuz neither Fel or her husband wanted to jump the fence so I told them to wait on the benches by us.  They did but when it finally came time for them to follow us up to the front they weren’t able to get in with us cuz rent-a-cop had a nightstick (no, she wasn’t happy to see us).

(click for enlargement)

We did see some of the costumes while in line though, that was a +.

There was a guy behind us that had a quest exclamation over his head and a chalk board that read,

Quest: Take a picture with me!
Reward: (smiley face)

Yea, nothing spectacular but he got into A LOT of photos.  A lot of the costumed people wanted their pictures with him so I’d say it was a great idea.

We finally got inside and made a mad dash for the main stage to find some decent seats.  The entire event area was regoddamdiculously huge.  We got some fantastic seats in the center and then this cunt came over and told us to move, the seats were reserved.  We told her to shove it and that the sign said reserved at a certain time… now wasn’t that time.  I think most of the people moved but I really wanted to devour her soul.  We moved which sucked because all the good seats were now taken.

I should say all the GREAT seats were taken because just about anywhere was a good seat.

They had the main stage in the center of course and had screens going out to the left and to the right.  In fact all the different stages had decent screen sizes and good seating.  This really surprised me and excited me.  The only downside was that the booths didn’t have this same sort of coverage.  Every booth had INSANE lines.  I never got to test out Diablo 3 because it was a sick wait in line for that as was most of the Starcraft 2 specialty maps.

It was a pretty good day all in all.  I’m not gonna rehash any of the actual coverage cuz by now you’ve all heard anything important.

The Starcraft 2 show match between Boxer and Fruitdealer (aka. Cool) was really awesome.  How to metaphor this… its like seeing something that used to kick ass, say a velociraptor or Ken Shamrock, and getting to watch them fight the new big baddy, say a predator or Randy Couture.

We went back to the hotel that night and decided to just drink in the Hilton’s bar.

Let me say this though, I would NOT stay in the Hilton (or the Marriott next to it) again.  No free wi-fi, no free breakfast, no free parking for staying in the hotel.  For the amount of money spent it was just stupid what all you didn’t get.  You paid simply for the fact you were next to the convention center.  This turned out to be a plus once in my opinion and for a third of the price I’ll be staying a block away at a Super 8 with all those amenities… FREE.

So… the Hilton bar… another stain on the trip.  You have a tiny ass bar that certainly cannot sustain the amount of people at the convention.  I have to wonder if they have other conventions that even use the bar.  It is grossly understaffed and did I mention small?

side note: another new song I was introduced to was Enrique Iglesias’ auto tuned, I like it.  He’s got a great voice and it makes me sad he did this just to get on the popular train… but god dam its catchy!

Last call in California (or at least Anaheim) is 2am.  At 1:20-1:30 the bartenders just leave the bar.  They come back at 2am to cash out peoples tickets but talk about being pissed off… wow.

The upside… a room full of drunken nerds!  Every conversation going on was about their spec or class or raiding or new content… omg, awesome.  Just sick awesome!  We drank a bit and took a few photos.  I had a guy take a photo of all 3 of us but apparently iphones are confusing and instead of pressing the take a picture button he pressed the off button.  Fucktard.


Andy didn’t initially want a picture, hence the birdy in the one below and the one with my semi invisible arm is me saying look at how much taller than Andy I am (I’m not, he was almost on his knee’s lawl).

click to enlarge the two small unedited photos

And that was just night one of Blizzcon!

Day 2…

We got up and headed down to the buffet breakfast.  They had forgotten to give me my vouchers for our breakfast (I upgraded our hotel room so we’d get it for free… not worth it).  We weren’t in too much of a hurry since the big stuff was done.  We wanted to make sure we had a solid foundation in case we didn’t eat until much later.

I like to bitch leading with that I’d just like to say the scrambled eggs were BAD.  They were runny as shit which was good because duh Wil, there’s milk in that!  Didn’t stop me from eating a parfait though.

Andy says, “You realize that’s yogurt right?”
“Yea,” I say, “what about it… oh… uh oh…”

Shortly after breakfast we got into Blizzcon and went over to the Cataclysm beta testing computers since that area was huge and mostly unused.  We sat down and Andy broke his computer so we got some extra time.  But I had a parfait for breakfast so let’s just say I didn’t make it through the whole testing time we were allowed.  That one time I mentioned where my hotel was right next door?  BONUS!

side note: the convention center is huge and if you go upstairs those bathrooms are mostly not utilized for those who don’t like to use public restrooms (me).

After I got back I had to put up my graffiti before I caught up with the boys.  We headed over to watch the wow class Q&A but it was boring as fuck so I started walking around while they finished it.  I found the booth that was selling the WoW figures and found something Kahnti would love.

The toy looked spectacular and they are coming out with a Lich King as well.  I’m still waiting on a dorf priest before I get one though.  They’ve done troll and undead and I think a human, but fuck them!  I want my dorf yo!

I strolled around to the specialty maps of SC2 and found they were doing a King of the Hill tournament.  You stood in a stupid long line to play SC2.  There was no time limit and you had to beat 3 random opponents.  If you lost you gave up your seat and went back to meandering around Blizzcon.  While you were in line you got to watch peeps that were playing and I judged (at that time) for the average player to be mid gold.  For those not in the know there are several “ranks” in the ladder system (from lowest to highest) bronze, silver, gold, platinum, diamond.  I’m a low to mid level diamond player but I was still extremely nervous when I sat down.

My first match went off pretty easily.  I was playing against a Protoss and he wasn’t a bad player.  He went for a very common ‘Toss strategy which I knew how to counter (4 gate for those SC2 peeps).  The second opponent was a Terran on Blistering Sands.  If you clicked the link it shows you that specific map that we played on.  There is a white circle in the top right and one in the bottom left (that’s the start areas).  I spawned in the top right and if you move your eye down you will see a ramp with some more minerals outside of it.  I quickly got a second expansion going to increase my economy hoping my opponent was a newer player again.

He was definitely more skilled than my first though (luck of the draw) and he pushed hard early on.  I lost my fast expand just as my Spire came out (a building that allows me to build a Mutalisks, a flying unit good for gorilla attacks).  Luckily he was massing Marauders (strong v. ground but no air attack) and I used my mutas to kill them off before he did too much damage to my main base…

Ya know… I doubt any of my readers really play SC2 so I’ll cut to the chase.  I roflstomped him after he killed my 2nd base.

My 3rd opponent was Zerg.  I play Zerg and the mirror matchup is REALLY difficult for me.  He had some really good early pressure but failed to keep it up and made a few play errors.  I capitalized on them and got my prize.


(click to enlarge)

The most awesome part about this poster is that it wasn’t being sold so the only way to get it… was to win this mini king of the hill tournament.  The only limit to getting them was time so I went back a second time and had a bunch of korean kids eat my face.

If you have Andy on your facebook you get to constantly see his new high scores at Bejeweled.  Well, one of the custom maps was called StarJeweled.  Each time you got points at the Bejeweled game you could use them to buy units that would spawn and attack your opponent.  It was a 2v2 game and Ray and Andy teamed up.  Ray has the basics of SC2 down so he’d use his points to build the counter units to what his opponents were building.  Andy would ANNIHILATE bejeweled and have some stupid amount of points, he’d just buy everything at such an insane rate it didn’t matter how good your opponents were at SC2.

Later in the day I joined up with some random guy to fight Andy and Ray-ray.  You remember how the aliens got fucked up in Independence Day?  Random guy and I were the aliens.  I didn’t wear my headset and got to hear the people walking by going ooh and ahh at Andy’s bejeweled skills.  At one point I remember hearing someone say, “Holy shit, did you see that?!”  and “Wow, did you see how fast they’re opponents lost?”

The main stage area, prior to Tenacious D, was the Starcraft 2 Invitational final match.  If you somewhat enjoy SC2 I highly recommend watching some games that are commentated on.  It really changes it and makes it a whole new game.  Even Ray and Andy liked it and they both were bitching about, “How much fun could watching someone play SC2 be?”

side note: get a phone with a flash because iphone 3gs SUCKS BALLS at taking pictures

Our seats weren’t too bad and we were near the bar with the old man bartender who was a complete juice box, but that’s okay because…

Yea, I was updating Facebook from my phone.  I know, it’s sad, I should just start doing the twitters.


(click to enlarge)

I’m not one of the adoring fans of Tenacious D but I don’t dislike them.  I sat through most of the concert to get to the one song of theirs I know.  Did I mention that David Grohl was the drummer for them?  Don’t know who he is… neither did I, well, not by name anyway.  I recognized his face when they showed it.  He was the drummer for that little band Nirvana and I think he sings for the Foo Fighters.  He really is superb though.

The song I know was one of the last songs played (maybe 2nd or 3rd to the end of the set) and I bailed.  I wanted to try out Diablo 3 but I’ll be damned… the line was still fucking full.  I decided to go and try my luck at the king of the hill tourney again.  I figured a second poster would be awesome since I could give it away on the blog or something.

The line for it was silly short and I got up to the front in no time.  I sat down from my opponent who I got to watch while I was in line.  He made short work of his first opponent and I was catching the beginning and middle of his second game when I got out of eyeshot of it.  Turns out he won and I was his 3rd opponent.

He was Zerg as well (remember my Zerg v Zerg matchup is my worst).  One of the best games I’ve played in some time.  Our skill levels were exactly the same and it was an extremely close game.  In the end though, I beat him.  I stood up and shook his hand because he was a great opponent.  I felt bad beating him on his 3rd game which was all he needed to get his poster.

My second and third matchups weren’t as eventful.  I do remember my headset being broken though so I didn’t wear them.  The ego stroking from listening to people behind me comment on how good I was doing, very wicked.  Getting my 3rd star was great and I gleefully skipped over to sweep up my 2nd poster.  Stay tuned for a future giveaway!

I checked on Ray ray and Andy to find out they were in line for StarJeweled again.  That’s when I headed back to check on my graffiti.


(click to enlarge)

I’m not sure why I didn’t take a full shot of the whole wall.  This is only the far left of the wall and represents maybe 1/5th of it, it was huge.  You can still kind of see it in the small version but it did last pretty well so I’m happy with that.  This youtube video shows you the full size of the wall, just imagine 30,000 people trying to write their name on it.

I caught back up with Ray and Andy to hear them bitching because two girls who play Bejeweled like it’s a religion just barely beat them and we kind of grazed around before we said goodbye to the 2010 Blizzcon.

We headed back to the hotel for a quick change of clothes and then met up with Waijhou for food at some place called Fire n’ Ice.  No, it wasn’t a strip club it was more like a mongolian grill.  If you aren’t familiar with the concept you have a buffet of raw ingredients such as raw chicken, steak, skrimps, an assortment of veggies and sauces.  You get whatever you think you’d like in a bowl and then take it to the giant round cooking stone where they cook it for you and then put on your sauce.  It’s really delicious and I love the idea (even if it is stupid expensive).

We sat out on their deck where they had mini suns (read: heat lamps), poor Waijhou left the place with a sunburn.  They also had a live band called Cats n’ a Bag being Beaten with a Shovel, or something like that.  Bad karaoke would have been better, they were REALLY bad.  Heaven knows who they were blowing to get the gig.

The menu listed drinks big enough for 2.  They come in fish bowls and are just different types of liquor.  Ray and I figured we’d split one and see how it went from there.


(click to enlarge)

The first one got us a nice buzz and we weren’t leaving yet so hell, we had a second!

Pretty Sky / Mountains OTW to Vegas from Anaheim

We went back to the hotel and had some more drinks while Ray and Andy ditched me on some couch.  Ray was forcing me to be social so when he got back I had chatted up this cute girl and her queer friend.  We talked for a bit but I was done being social.  I’m not a big fan of drunk girls (I wonder why…)  I got up to go to the room and Andy was gonna call it a night as well.  I guess Ray wanted to stay down there but I missed the memo and he got mad at me for cock blocking him.  Cuz ya know… I was after that drunk chick /roll eyes.

I had extra vouchers for the breakfast buffet so I invited Felada and Hubby to join us before we all left.  We had a great breakfast where I just had a waffle with a bit of syrup making sure to avoid anything dairy like… but man were those parfaits good /cry.

We checked out, grabbed out shit, and hit the road.

We had a GREAT TIME at Blizzcon and getting to meet new and old friends.  Hihi Ocyd / Marien if you guys are reading this!  It was super to meet Waijhou as well.  He was a big help to Relentless when I quit and he’s a great healer.  ❤ you Fel and it was nice meeting the hubby!  Good seeing you again as well Ook!

Vegas, here we come!


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    lol, yea… it was WAY longer than I expected it to be. I’ll make sure the next one is at least 1/2 this size.

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