Vacation pt.1

Wow… I really took my time in getting around to this vacation posting didn’t I?  So… let’s just start at the beginning shall we.

On a cool morning in the middle of October I was asleep in Betsy’s van.  She said she’d drive if I wanted her to go with me and I was like… fuck yea!  So she drove and I slept.  Around 10am or so Ray (Kahnti) calls and asks if I forgot to pick him up from the airport.  I told him of course but that his plane wasn’t supposed to land for another hour.  He pointed out to me that if I had read the text it said 10:15am was the arrival time.


Luckily Betsy had read the text though (I forwarded it to her) and we were just about to pull up.  This would be the last time I saw my sobriety for about 14 days.  I called Den while we were on the way back home and let him know we were going out for lunch.  Where you ask?  At the local mexican restaurant that serves blue margaritas….

I just realized that I already wrote this part down /le sigh.  You can read the first few days Ray was here… uhm… here.

Ray ray and his empty margarita.

Next day we went to a different mexican restaurant… for margaritas.  The food was meh, we were both not 100% tip top shape but that didn’t stop us!  We finished off the drinks and headed to the liquor store.  A dozen or so 6 packs, jaegermeister and more vodka & kahlua were headed to D&B’s (Den & Betsy) house to cool in the fridge while we went back to mine to WoW it up some more.

I had almost 5k justice points from having a stupid amount of badges and about 4k unspent honor so I bought a whole fuckton of pvp gear.  It was like old-fashioned LANing.  Do you know how much better pvp is when you can punch the asshole sitting next to you for not healing you?!

Yea, it’s that much better.

Now, have you ever heard me mention how pvp can send me to a dark place?  No, not that place where I go when raiding where I’d walk up and spit in your face while simultaneously kicking your dog.  I’m talking about a place where I break into your house in the middle of the night and impregnate your wife so that in 9 months my demon spawn bursts from her womb killing your whole fucking family.  Well, we had a particularly bad match and Ray was… getting near that dark place.  He smacked the table and then performed acrobatics in my chair.

You might remember the chair from this post.  I’m still finding splinters of wood in my bedroom from the sheer force that he used to demolish the chair!

All kidding aside though the chair wasn’t held together the greatest.  It needed some wood glue and the fabric was starting to get worn because Pickles loved sitting in it and she’d claw at it a bit.  It was hilarious as shit though to see Ray slam into the floor with an… OMFG look on his face like maybe the house had caved in on him.

After a few hours of that we headed BACK to D&Bs for our last night in town before Blizzcon.  Ray was DRUNK if you ask me.  If you ask him he was totally sober all night long.  As the night drove on we played a ton of pool because… they have a pool table.  Den is a fucking savant at pool even when he’s so drunk he’s not sure which end of the pool stick to use.

I hate feeling shitty when I get on a plane and we had to leave early.  It was starting to get late so I called it an early night and headed home.

My cat, Pickles, likes to pee on bedding.  I’m not sure why but if I leave it on the couch or let her stay in my bedroom we like to pee on it!  Because Ray was staying at D&Bs I grabbed his bedding and put it in my room so I didn’t have to worry about it later.  Sometime around 3 or 4 am some creeper comes strolling through my bedroom.  Holy fuck was I freaked out.  I remember just popping up straight out of bed like a horror movie and whispering, “Ray?”  He said yes and lawled while he grabbed his bedding.

In hindsight, fucking scary.

We got up the next morning… got to the airport and sat down.  I’m not much of a fan of flying.  I mean I realize it’s super helpful and fast but I don’t like heights so it’s a bit unnerving for me.  Seeing the billowing cloud of smoke out of one of the terminal windows didn’t help me either.  It looks kind of far away but it was one runway over.  Scared?  Yes, I think I was.  No one seemed to care though… must have been a planned fire?  We were at DFW (which is in Texas) so it could have just been a bonfire and they were cooking hotdogs.

We did get there without a hitch though.

Andy (Brigantia) left at stupid o’clock to drive from Sacramento to Anaheim so he could pick us up from the Airport.  We headed to the hotel and someone (read: me) could have checked on early checkin but I failed to do that.  We instead went to get some lunch at California Pizza Kitchen.  I ate at one two years ago at my first Blizzcon but I got a supreme pizza and got laughed at by everyone.  They were like you come halfway across the country to eat regular pizza?! so I went all out this time.

Bar none… hands down… best pizza I’ve ever had.  It was a goat cheese with roasted peppers and the menu specs read, mild goat cheese with roasted red & yellow peppers, grilled Japanese eggplant, Mozzarella cheese, caramelized onions, Italian parsley and our tomato sauce.  A friend of mine, Big Scott, had introduced me to goat cheese a lil while back and I have to say I’m in fucking love with the stuff.  That’s what spurned me to get this pizza and I didn’t regret it (well… the lactose intolerance did but that’s another story).

Did I mention we had some weak ass margaritas at CPK?

We got back to our hotel, got checked in and Felada (whose name somehow turned into Fellatio as the weekend went by… not because of that but because of alcohol… that doesn’t make it sound better… Andy was mispronouncing it!  Sorry Fel!) was already texting me.  The line was already building for getting the stupid grab bags that are supposed to be better than any prior year.  Which by the way, they kind of are.  I rushed everyone down to get into a line that didn’t start moving for 3hrs.  I managed to get Fel and her hubby and Ook up to us in line.  It might have pissed some peeps off, I don’t care though.  Fuck them.

I’m standing in line chit chatting and my phone rings.  I don’t recognize the number but I answer it, “Xeo?” the ominous voice asks.
“Uhm… yes?” I replied.
“OMG, this is Ocyd.  Are you at Blizzcon?”  I lawled and said yes.  He said that Marien thought he saw me as they were walking by.

Backstory….  Ocyd and Marien joined Relentless near its inception and raided with us for quite some time.  I met them at Blizzcon 2 years ago.  As things often go they got caught up in IRL and unbeknownst to me they went back to their old server when they had the time to play again.  Leave it to Blizzard to reunite long lost friends!

I brought them to the front of the line as well.  /evil grin

Time passes and we are finally moving forward and we get to the front of the building…

I guess I didn’t take any pictures of the retarded lines.  Once you made it through the stupid line outside you got to get into another long as fuck line on the inside.  It took us about 3 hours to get our grab bags… unlike that bastard Waijhou who showed up late and went towards the end of the night (just before they shut the doors on getting early grab bags n’ shit) to get his bag in about 10 mins.

We had some drinks and then we went back to the hotel… I think.  We might have gone to the Frat House that night, I don’t remember.  I’ll include it in part 2 anyway.

We knew we had a long day ahead of us so at some point we went to bed slightly inebriated.


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