So… [Updated]

…I hear there’s a new patch out?  Granted, it’s not the one that will make my shaman look THIS GOOD but it’s the precursor to it!

I first discovered the WoW Model Viewer awhile back over at Kiwi’s blog, One of These Alts, but never really put any effort into using it.  He’s used it a lot on his blog to showcase armor sets and the way his toons look and such.  Really nice idea of a use for it.

His post today is about the goblin and worgen models hiding in the 4.0.1 patch that let him view ’em in the WoW Model Viewer.  Which got me to thinking…

I could totally take a gander at what my shaman will look like!  I haven’t gotten all the things ironed out yet with the viewer… for example I don’t know how to change everyones DK glowy eyes to regular eyes or how to make beards not show.  I did master it enough to put the armor on and take a screenshot with it!

Dwarves, bringing sexy back to the mountains.


3 thoughts on “So… [Updated]

  1. Bringing back? The dwarven sexy never left!

    Also, to disable glowing DK eyes on your models, you have to go into Options/Settings and you can disable it from there. (I also have to change the character’s face a few times for the change to kick in, but YMMV)

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