Office Love

I spoke Sunday about my addiction to WoW… but my personality is just like that.  I find something I like and I tend to latch onto it until I do it so much I burn out.

Betsy and I went to Wal-mart last night and guess what happened… they were having a sale on office supplies.

Of all things that are holy… office supplies are at the top of my list.  I’ll probably be buried in a box made of laminated post-its.

Oh sure, you laugh but that’s enough post-its to get me through a few days.  You know how many things I can write on that stack?!  It’s basically a gear spreadsheet.

If they were the sticky tabs stacked up I could play Post-It Jenga!

Home office will provide me with post-its for work but they are always bland yellow.  When I saw these for 50cents a pop… I couldn’t resist.  Betsy was having to restrain me from diving into the box of post its.

I even have some BIG post its at the bottom.  They’ll make way better recipe cards than the small ones and they are super sticky so they’ll stick on the cabinet / counter way better.

Next up was the other random knick-knacks.

These are the new Sharpie pencils.  They use a liquid graphite that rolls on like a pen but you can erase it.  After awhile it sets and becomes mostly permanent.  You can still erase it somewhat but not completely, like it stains the paper or something.


I’ve only used it a little bit but not too fond of it.  It seems to have a difficulty coming out so it rolls on like an almost dead pen.  It’s possible I just need to write with it a bit longer.

The magnets were soooooo cute.

They came in a few different colors but I ended up with black n’ white.  I only have one fridge magnet that says, “I see you are gangster, I’m a bit gangster myself.”  Plus I don’t have anything metal to actually stick them to in the computer room… maybe the monitor or the tower?

That could be tragic…

Next up we have what are my most favorite pen of all time.  I’ve been using them since high school I love them so much.

They are Pilot Precise V5 pens.  They write extremely smooth and have a very fine line.  They put out enough ink to get the job done but not so much you regret the flow.  They come in a variety of colors and are always vibrant.


They really are an amazing pens.  I love the design of it and the grip and even the clip it uses to hold onto things.  I would happily be a spokeman for them if they want to send me a whole bunch of them free FYI!

We use a lot of paperclips at work and all the shitty ones I’ve managed to pass off to the bank when I do deposits which has left my stock kind of low.  I found some neat ones awhile back that were shaped like a thumbs up, but the cool factor quickly wore off when trying to use them.  Man did they suck.

These are the regular size though with just something pretty on the end of them.

My newest find are these though…

I’ve always liked fine tip sharpies but the fumes kind of get to me (I have a sensitive nose)!  I started using felt pens and they are nice but don’t work quite like I’d like ’em to.  Then I was at the Hellmouth this past weekend and someone left one of these laying there.

It’s a sharpie fine tip without the fumes that you can click like a regular clicky ball-point pen.  It writes like just like a regular sharpie… only it’s clicky!  Do you know how handy clicky is versus having to take a cap off?  It’s a whole new friggin’ world.  This might… just might dethrone my favorite pen of all time.

They need to come out with a clicky version of my Precise pens and they’ll come back with a vengeance!

Oh well, I’m off to surf Office Max and Staples!


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