Blizzcon in T minus 16 days…

I had the chance to go to Blizzcon 2 years ago and it was one of the best vacations I’ve ever had.  I still have my plush Murloc that I can squeeze and he goes rlrlrlrlrlrl.  I ❤ him.

I tried getting tickets last year but I failed and was left out.  I was determined to go this year and I was over at Den and Betsy’s when the tickets went on sale.  I had us refreshing to try and get into line and WHAM!  I refreshed and I was in a decent spot in the queue.  I managed to get 3 tickets so I’d have some friends and Kahnti and Brigantia are both going this year as well!

I like to have a rough plan of how to attack things and Blizzcon is a big event.  You have to setup a general raid outline of WTF you are going to do.  I was considering taking my laptop but its kind of bulky and stupid airlines are charging for everything now a days.  Plus we’re all going to Vegas for a few days after Blizzcon so I can’t even begin to imagine how much shit I’ll accumulate.  I know when I went to Blizzcon last time I had to buy an extra bag for all my loot lol.  Incoming X-mas presents!

Blizzcon Program (was gonna post the pic but it reduces in size to something completely illegible).

Blizzard was nice enough to release the event schedule so I can get to planning.  Now, since I’ll be in a group I have to make a decision to whether I am going to see what I want to see or what the group wants to see.

Tough decision for sure… I’ll probably bail on them at some point to go see what I want to (luckily they don’t read this! ahahahahaha!)

Here we go…  You can find the specifics on each panel here.  A note is that SC2 games and WoW arena’ing is going on nonstop in some of the areas so if at anytime something is boring me (ie. Kahnti) I can go watch some of this!

I know the day before, on Thursday, you can get your sack of loot ahead of time and your ticket (at least you could 2 years ago).  That’ll happen and then we’ll probably all go out to eat or something like that.  Just general hang out.

Friday, October 22nd:

7am… get up and get ready

8am’ish go and get in line (MUST BE FIRST!)


  • Doors Open.  The opening ceremonies are cool and all but I’ll probably hop into a line somewhere to snag some stuff before it sells out.  If I don’t then I’ll rush to find some decent seats for the ceremony.


  • Opening Ceremony.

12-1pm – D3 Gameplay

  • Main Stage (MS): Diablo 3 (D3) gameplay.  It is highly likely that they will announce the last class for D3.
  • Developer Stage (DS): Starcraft 2 (SC2) Cinematics.  This sounds kind of meh.  I’ve beat the game on brutal and I don’t really care what it takes to make them.


  • There is a 30 min lull so time to grab some grub while I rush to the next thing!

1:30-2:30pm – Toss Up… probably SC2 Secrets

  • MS: WoW Dungeons and Raids – This is just going over how dungeons and raids are made.  Interesting… maybe.
  • DS: SC2 Secrets of the Masters – It’s supposed to be information on how to be better (and for all skill levels).  I’m not the greatest player but I’m above average.  I’m afraid this will be mostly for the shit players but I’d rather see it than dungeon / raid info… unless the dungeon / raid info is on Cataclysm.


  • There’s a lull here so if I haven’t eaten then this would be the time to do it.  Otherwise I’ll probably be lack of food induced angry and well… YOU WON’T LIKE ME WHEN I’M ANGRY!  If not then I’ll just go roaming around.  Probably play some D3 if the lines aren’t insane or buy something or even watch an SC2 match live!

3-4pm – Brig / Kahnti Choice

  • MS: SC2 Custom Maps and Editor – *crickets chirping*  I like the custom maps but I’m certainly not going to build one.  Chalk this one up to my care face.
  • DS: WoW Quests and Lore – Imagine that… panels that explain what they are in the title.  The lore of WoW was neat but I’m more of a hack and slash kind of guy.  I’ll let this be a Brig / Kahnti decision and if they can’t decide then I’ll GO SHOPPING!

4:30-5:30pm – WoW Live Raid

  • MS: WoW Live Raid – This is VERY interesting.  It’ll be even better if they are raiding a Cataclysm dungeon.
  • DS: SC2 Story Q&A – [see sc2 cinematics]


  • MS Only… Costume / Song / Dance contests.  Should be a hoot but there’s plenty to fall back on in case it starts to be a bummer.

The event hall closes at 8 or 10pm.  I’ll probably stick around until it closes then we’ll go get dinner, get drunk, hilarity will ensue.

Saturday, October 23rd

10am – Even Hall Opens

10:30-11:30 – Cataclysm Cinematics

  • MS: Cataclysm Cinematics – I’d like to see these.  Maybe it’ll drag me back into the lull of playing WoW!  At the very least it should be some kick ass videos on some massive ass fucking screens.
  • DS: D3 Crafting Sanctuary – The designers, artists, programmers, and writers share new information on the characters, creatures, game systems, and story of Diablo III. Is the description of the thing.  It is on the developers stage so I doubt it will be the new class announcement, it is most likely a follow up to that and will give more in depth information on the class.  A great alternative to the Cataclysm Cinematics.

12-1pm – WoW Class Q&A

  • MS: WoW Class Q&A – I’ll get to find out how my beloved priests are getting MORE fucked and how shamans (they can be dorfs soon!) are getting mouth hugs.
  • DS: SC2 Art – Art of SC2

1-1:30pm – Possible food time.

1:30-2:30pm – SC2 Multiplayer

  • MS: WoW Open Q&A – A more generalized Q&A that will utilize the lore geeks asking continuity questions that only they give a fuck about.  The developers will look at them like they are stupid and say something witty that mostly blows them off.
  • DS: SC2 Multiplayer – This is the meat of SC2 multiplayer.  Hello numbers and data and statistics and possible future balance changes.  There might even be a hot korean on stage that tells us how much North America sucks at SC2 while he beats the top NA SC2 player with his toes.

3-4pm – A) Shop B) Wake Brigantia from his midafternoon nap C) Pickup Kahnti from daycare.

  • MS: D3 Open Q&A – Someone will ask a question about why there is a rainbow and how come the game isn’t grittier.  Possibly questions about there being another unannounced class that is heavily pet based.
  • DS: WoW Art – Art of WoW


  • WoW Grand Finals

4:30-5:30 – SC2 Finals!

  • MS: SC2 Finals – I haven’t read that much about the SC2 tournament that is going on but I think prelims and all that are going on all day on Friday.
  • DS: Blizzard Sound – I played WoW with the sound off…


  • Closing Ceremonies

There is also supposed to be an after party on Saturday for the Pre-Screening for The Raid.  There are supposed to be people from The Raid at Blizzcon handing out tickets for the event.  If anyone needs some friends to go then PLEASE gimme a shout.  Would love to go to this.  If I can get Kahnti and Brig in as well that would be a plus… but lets face it.  I’m willing to be selfish!

so… who else is going to Blizzcon?!  We are staying at the Hilton that is attached to the stupid convention center this time.  I got sick of having to walk a fucking mile everytime I wanted to go drop something off at my hotel room.


6 thoughts on “Blizzcon in T minus 16 days…

  1. Felada says:

    I will also be getting in around Thursday at noon to set up and get the goody bag. I am at the hotel across the street on the Disneyland side (right across from the big fountain). I’m going to see most of the D3 or WoW stuff minus the open Q&A. I will save you a seat at the opening ceremony if you can save me a spot in line to get in the door (I want to be there at 8 am too, but we all know that won’t happen) and I wanna look at the kewl loot that they have this year too. Lets talk and figure out who needs to save seats where. I will probably get in line early for the concert and just wait against the wall. I won’t be bring my computer either, but will have iphones and ipads there for back up. I will also be getting in around Thursday at noon to set up and get the goody bag.

  2. Xeo says:

    Oh yea, totally works for the seat saving. We did great 2yrs ago and had decent seats all day (especially at the end). I’m sure that will totally work out. Maybe I’ll get an iPad before Blizzcon… how easy are they to type on?

  3. Xeo says:

    I’m pretty sure I mentioned this already? Maybe not… we are going to Vegas 24-27th. ATM it’s Brigantia, Kahnti, Marisse, Xeo, and Maethlin is going to try and make it.

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