Butterflied Chicken and Veg

The diet has rekindled my love of cooking (even if I’ve now failed at FNCCC TWICE).

NOTE:  FNCCC is temporarily on hold.

I’ve been trying to perfect some random ingredients I’ve been throwing together.  The basics for the recipe are a chicken breast or two, asparagus, and onions.  From there it’s just been a hodge podge of other veg and spices to try to concoct something delicious.

It’s a relatively healthy dish.  The only thing I’d consider kind of bad would be the tablespoon of olive oil I’ve been cooking the chicken in.  From there I put in the asparagus broken into bite size pieces.  The onion I’ve cut into a few different ways, diced, rings, and wedges… rings have been my favorite.  Then come the spices.

Garlic has been a staple and I managed to fuck up once and put in too much garlic.  Granted, the meal was amazing (too much garlic for most though) and my house smelled like garlic for 3 days after it.  Oregano has been a welcome addition as well.  Those flavors seem more delicate to me, and by delicate I mean not hot n’ spicy.

Last night I was shopping for different things I could do to it while Betsy was getting some stuff at the deli counter… so I figured I’d put cheese in the chicken!  I’ve seen chefs butterfly chicken and put shit in it so hey… why can’t I do that?!  I picked up some provolone and off we headed to the veggies.

I picked up my standard 2 and tried to figure out what to add.  Betsy suggested shrooms (not the GOOD kind) so I grabbed some brown ones.  I’m sure they have a real name but I can’t be bothered to learn it.

Mise En Place…

By the way… still loving my new knife.  I’ve only almost cut off the end of my thumb a few dozen times… but most important, it was ALMOST and I still have my thumb.

Betsy made me promise not to chop off my hand while attempting to butterfly chicken and I must say it was surprisingly easy.  You just slightly cut at the side and kind of pull back as you cut… like when you see someone butchering a big piece of meat.

I took a picture of the butterflied chicken but it looks a bit like something I’d sell at work.  Holding raw chicken is nasty enough but cutting it into obscene body parts.

I used a whole slice of provolone and I think that might have been too much.  Did you know you should probably bread the chicken then?  When I was cooking A LOT of the cheese just oozed out of the gaping hole.  Live and learn!

The chicken went in and started cooking and I tossed the veggies n’ spices on top.  Betsy suggested I do the veggies in a separate pan and then add them towards the end.  This is probably the best way to go but I enjoy most vegetables raw so if they are a bit undercooked then it doesn’t bother me in the least.  The onions are the only thing that need to really be cooked down some to help take out a bit of the bite.

If I don’t bread the chicken (cuz I don’t want the carbs or the oil that I’ll have to use to fry it) then you are supposed to use staples or nail gun to keep the chicken closed and the cheese inside.  I’d almost consider adding the cheese just at the end on top so that it melts and it’s all stringy on the veggies.

The dish turned out to be pretty good for not having any sort of recipe for me to follow and just kind of winging it.  Texturally it is very nice and the crunch from the veg is great.  The spices are almost there, maybe a bit less garlic and I need something to compliment the oregano a bit more.  Maybe add in some red pepper flakes for heat or a red bell pepper for some sweet contrast.

I need to use my real camera instead of my stupid phone.


2 thoughts on “Butterflied Chicken and Veg

  1. Donny says:


    Following ur escapades for some time now and i like the read.

    Maybe u can use toothpicks or erm.. larger size wooden stickies (srry dunno the word for it) to hold the meat together.

    Over here we have “Cordon Bleu” (french) it’s like 2 fine slices of veal (2-3mm) with a slice of cheese (i think emmentaler) inbetween which is breaded and fried with a small chunk of frying butter or olive oil in a pan. The wooded stick holds the slices together. u can do the same with 2 slices of turkey breast then we call it… yes u guessed right… “Turkey Cordon Bleu”.

    I think it is called “Al Dente” if ur vegetables are nearly done but still a lil crispy on the inside. Same goes for pasta.

    D., The Belgian

    Srry for the grammar and vocabulary mistakes, but prolly my english is better then ur dutch =P

  2. Xeo says:

    Belgian?! Holy crap! I’ll definitely have to try using toothpicks or skewers (I think is the word you were looking for). I think the breading will definitely help contain the cheese inside I have just been having high carb lunches so I was trying to cut every carb I could out of dinner. Doing it with the Turkey sounds good as well.

    Thanks again!

    PS: Your English is fine sir =) It’s better than most peoples I see!

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