Inside the Hellmouth – ep.3

last time on Inside the Hellmouth

The Hellmouth’s hierachy goes something like this…

Since the opening of the Hellmouth back in July the Dungeon Master and Ass Man have both been slain.  I haven’t met the new Dungeon Master but I hear he’s about as fun as a rattlesnake in your underpants and I spoke about Ass Man2 in last weeks episode.

Cthulu’s practices are becoming more and more apparent as the days go by.  Her ability to passive aggressively destroy your world seem to be more and more rampant.  Maybe that’s what makes her a good store manager?  Well, not good for regular people but good for a corporation.  If she drives you off then the company doesn’t have to worry about ‘intervening external parties’ as much.  The latest casualty though… someone I like very much.

Saint Nice put in her two weeks notice which makes me extremely sad.  The worst part is that the possibilities for her replacement are a pregnant chick (who’s like 12 months pregnant so she’ll pop that thing out anytime), Tiamat (who just got promoted into the lead of the Dragon’s Den) and Man-Hands.

That aside though… this episode was supposed to be about… Eve.  Think the biblical version of Eve (it might actually be here, she is fucking old as dirt).  She took a rib of my friendship and used it to cast me down to one of the lowest levels of peasantry!

~fade into past sequence~

Angel, Eve, and myself are sitting at the front door waiting to leave (it was closing time and we were waiting on Saint Skeptic)

“I’m so frustrated with this job.  It feels like I work so much harder than everyone else.  I think I might be done with it.”  Eve said.  She was my friend, I wanted to console her and make her feel better.

“You do work really hard but you hate your job.  You need to lighten up a bit or the work will get to you.”  I said.  “This is my second job, if I worked silly hard at both of them then I’d probably lose my mind.  I get my job done here and I have fun doing it but if they think I’m not working too hard what are they gonna do?  Fire me?  Not like it matters!”

~Jump to next morning~

Eve sits in Cthulu’s chamber… repeating the events of last night in some maniacal manner.

~Present Time~

I check my schedule and… one day.  I have a whole 6hrs scheduled!  That’s right, thanks to Eve’s recollection of past events my hours got cut because Cthulu thinks I just show up to collect a check and I don’t do anything.  Granted she doesn’t seem to take into account the fact that they schedule me for only 2 days a week already but I get called in for the other 5.

I show up at the drop of a hat, rearranging my finely tuned schedule just to help them out.  When I do work I’m usually doing what is called front end supervisor… which means I watch the front.  I make sure people are taking breaks on time and that enough cashiers are at registers.  I delegate people.  I basically raid lead from a grunts position.  I don’t bitch about it, I do it… I’m a control freak anyway so I don’t mind playing along.

I’m angry at Eve for being a conniving bitch (ie. my arch nemesis) and luckily I’m a vindictive bastard so I promise she’ll get payback… but is this a blessing in disguise?  Working two jobs has REALLY drained me.  It’s like I’ve taking up the WoW job again.  I have this second “commitment” that takes up a large chunk of my time and everything gets planned around it.  The reduction in hours though gives me the major thing I want from the job though… the 20% Hellmouth discount!

We’ll see how it goes.

Now begins operation vindictive bastard.


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