Am I Sufficiently Fat?


This morning marks not only my birthday but the one week anniversary of the new lifestyle. I want to start by showing you a success story.  To the right is Kraylessa, you can see the dates on the bottom of the photo there but she has lost a metric fuckton of weight.  HUGE (no pun intended) grats to her, keep tearing it up hun!

I’ve had a few diet slip-ups here and there but for the most part I’ve done good.  I don’t beat myself up for it and just try to makeup for it later in the day.

We’ve been getting up bright and early and getting to the gym at 7am.  Mon / Wed / Fri is cardio… cardio is French for torture.  I know some people like this stuff but I have yet to find an activity that makes me want to get hot and get all sweaty… cept for… you know…

Any-who!  We got done this morning and I made breakfast for Betsy and me then we did the dreaded photos.

This is the part I was hating the most.  I know I’m fat… do I need to take picture evidence?

/le sigh

I got up for my photo and Betsy asked if I was ready, “Do I look sufficiently fat?” I asked.

There I am… as of today.  My official starting weight was 250 though from last week.  I weighed in yesterday at 244.  It was just after torture cardio though so I think I might have been a bit dehydrated.  There’s no way I lost 6 lbs. in one week.  That would be like lopping a hand or something (and as you can see I still have those).

I don’t have any pics of Den yet, he’s a ninja.  His starting weight was 200 though and in the last week he lost 4lbs, down to 196.  He’s got the least to lose but he could certainly use some more muscle mass.  He does a ton of walking during the day so the portion control will probably show the most for him.  Some strength training would go along way for him.  I told Betsy he can get all buff and grow out his hair, then we’ll just call him Fabio… she didn’t seem to keen on that though.


Now we have my partner in crime… Betsy.  Betsy started out at 213 last week and lost 3.5lbs.  That’s pretty impressive, especially since she’s got a vag.  If you have a vag you lose weight slower and because of the lower testosterone levels the muscle growth isn’t as quick.

A big note for Betsy though is that 2yrs. ago she was around 240.  When she got knocked up with Tiny she had the preggars diabetes and had to watch what she ate (plus she was stabbing herself with a needle for insulin… /shudder).

That diabetic diet slash carb watch thing is the healthy eating we are doing.  The 2yrs Betsy was barefoot and pregnant she lost 30lbs… seems pretty good to me!

Bring on the skinny clothes!


4 thoughts on “Am I Sufficiently Fat?

  1. Eldor says:

    I have kinda did the same thing and stay between 192 and 185. Seems to go up and down. Hope it works out for the both of ya and I’ll check back on the site to see.

  2. Xeo says:

    @Kiwi: TY sir and best of luck with yours as well! I’ve found a big part of it to be holding yourself accountable for your actions but not to beat yourself up over it. You’ll slip up sometimes but rather than come down on yourself use it as a strengthening point to work that much harder.

    A friend of Betsy’s and mine lost a lot of weight and when she said she felt like just gorging on food she’d go and look at all the skinny clothes to remind her of what she was working for.

    Another great thing as a guy is that your penis gets longer as you lose weight! It doesn’t actually grow but… let me just copy paste…

    “In terms of “girth” – meaning the thickness of the penis: Losing weight does not affect that size. There are very few fat cells in the penis (it’s a different type of tissue) and so it’s not of consequence.

    In terms of “length” – meaning how long the penis looks on the body: Because body fat is commonly found in the groin and below the stomach, it grows “around” the stem of the penis and makes it appear shorter. In those who have achieved full body and penis growth (generally by age 25 in men), for every 30 pounds of fat lost, they generally find that it adds an inch to what can be seen of their penis. Remember, it’s not that the penis is getting longer, it’s that there’s less fat and skin surrounding the full effect of the erection.”

    That’s always a good thing to work towards!

    @Eldor: Thanks man, we’re working pretty hard on it and getting up a full 3 hrs earlier than normal is a rough bitch. Dr. Oz (Oprah’s scary doctor) points out that 7am is around the best time to exercise anyway. Exercise makes you alert and gives you better concentration (plus the positive chemicals released in the brain) which is a great way to start your day. Studies have also shown that those that exercise early in the morning are more likely to continue the regimen versus… other… times… of day.

  3. KAckler says:

    keep it up man. the first week is water weight, nothing to be concerned about. pretty soon you’re gonna plateau. when that happens, switch up you’re routine; this will start the “fat” burning process.

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