Bringin’ The Thunda!

And I’m back!  First, let’s get this weeks chef ready to go.

Patrick and Gina Neely, they’ve been on the food network for some time now.  Their bio is a pretty good read and very positive.  They’ve done pretty good with themselves.  I wonder if they fight back stage and throw food at each other?  Ahhhh the drama.  Their recipes can be found here.

Last week I talked about trying to add new things into my routine and adjusting to that.  Well, I’m mostly adjusted now and it’s going pretty good.  Den and Betsy both work for a local school and they have been trying to be very health conscious (the school that is).

The school does a Biggest Loser each year.  It started last Monday and runs until late November.  Personally I think it should run until they come back from X-mas break to see who really has put in the effort but that’s just me.

Because of this ‘contest’ that Den and Betsy are doing she is paying a bit more attention to what she cooks and our biggest problem, portion control.  Most of the stuff Betsy makes is relatively healthy (not lots of fried foods, theirs always a vegetable or two, not a ton of carbs, not a lot of fat) we just tend to eat it to the point of it not being so healthy.  Low fat muffins aren’t low fat after the 5th one!

Granted, Den and Betsy can win like $250, which I can’t, but I’m going along with this as well.  I’ve gotten to a point and I’m sick of being a fatty so now is a perfect time to change.  Change my lifestyle for the better.

The new routine I was talking about working in is going to the gym.  That’s right… I’m one of THOSE people now.  Betsy and I started out trying to do it at 6am.  We’d workout for an hour then she has to be home to wake the animals and get them to school.

Did you know the sun isn’t even awake at 6am?

We’ve switched to starting at 7am and Betsy just has to be home at 7:45.  She wakes the brood and then we’re off!  I’ve been trying to get some stupid starter pictures of our voluptuous bodies so I’ll have some reference but I’ve been failing.  I’ll try to get them tonight (remind me Betsy!)

I’ve also been eating healthier.  I’ve been eating breakfast (did you know it gives you that early morning energy people talk about?)  I’ve been eating a better lunch, ie. no fast food or smarter fast food choices.  Dinner has mainly been about portion control and then there is the big one… no late night eating!

Did you know that people who stay up later are 60% more likely to be fatties?  It’s mainly because you do those late night snacking and then go to bed shortly after.  Dr. Oz (ya know that creepy guy from Oprah’s show) suggests not eating AT LEAST 3 hours before you go to bed.  I’ve been doing pretty good on this.

Our diet isn’t a REAL diet I’d say, it’s not like we are cutting corners or things like that we are simply eating correctly… healthily (that a word)?  Diabetes runs in Betsy’s family and she had gestational diabetes with both Tiny and Gremlin.  She was on a diabetic diet (carb control) and she ended up losing a lot of weight while being pregnant.

I’ll post fatty pics tomorrow and scary specific numbers when I get Den and Betsy’s weigh in numbers.


6 thoughts on “Bringin’ The Thunda!

  1. Tagra says:

    I’ve been doing a lot of cooking with yogurt this week. This is because I buy plain yogurt in 4kg tubs because I make a yogurt-fruit-and-fiber smoothie for breakfast every morning, and it’s way WAY cheaper to buy it in bulk, even if the bottom of the tub goes bad by the time I get there. (also the tubs have very little carbs in them, while all the smaller ones have sometimes up to 32g a serving because they add fucktons of sugar to make it taste better. Not good.)

    BUT, then this week moms came in with one that’s marked 50% off (because it’s about to EXPIRE…) and was like “look at this great deal I found for you!!!”. And I had just bought a fresh one. So now I have to get rid of 8kg of yogurt…
    (that’s 17 pounds in your crazy speak)

    I have discovered that plain yogurt can be substituted anywhere sour cream would be for a healthier recipe. I made yogurt stroganoff the other night and it totally didn’t suck! Last night I made a curry (which actually calls for yogurt) that came out really great too. I might be using more yogurt from now on…

  2. Shiny says:

    I’m impressed with the new commitment to eating healthier and losing weight. I agree that portion control is probably one of the hardest things…sticking to “one serving” of things is so difficult sometimes. Especially when “one serving” is like 3 chips or something crazy like that. I’ve found that tracking my food has helped immensely with that. I didn’t realize just how many calories I was consuming until I did (insert shameless plug for here–it’s free). Cutting out soda goes a long way too.

    I’ll have to take a look at those new chefs tomorrow. It’s going to be a crazy busy week, but I’ll see what I can do.

  3. Xeo says:

    Yea, I was looking at some pizza rolls that I like and I know I have more than the serving size… which is 6 rolls. Those 6 rolls get you 35 carbs. I quit soda for the most part last year when I was having at least a liter a day. I drink diet if I go to D&Bs but they are quitting that so soda is pretty much done for me… I totally lost my train of thought. No idea where this was going but yea… portion control good, soda bad.

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