MiniMap Monday


Since I started blogging I started reading a lot of other blogs (I know, imagine that). I get a chance to see a lot of awesome posts this way and I thought the drudgery of Monday’s would be a great way share those posts and other interesting things that I stumble upon with you.

Each Monday I’ll be bringing you a Mini Map (thx Linaa!) of things I came across last week. Anything that isn’t work safe is denoted as such [NSFW]. If you come across anything you think is awesome and should be included in a Mini Map Monday then feel free to email me at

Thanks all, I hope you enjoy them.

It has certainly been awhile since I did one of these hasn’t it?  I have been collecting links since the last MiniMap so forgive me if some of these are a bit… outdated.

1.  Let’s start off today with a lil’ bit of crazy.

2.  What type of phone do you have? Android?  Blackberry?  Iphone?  Well, if it’s an iPhone you have more sex than the others do!

3.  I sho can tell you need to come on down!

4.  It turned out to be less than true but when it came out… wow o wow.  This lady quit her job due to sexual harassment but rather than just quitting she decided to get even by emailing these photos to everyone in the office.

5.  When this video came out you know someone at Blizzard shit themselves and said that’s gonna be a new ability!

6.  We all know there are scary movies out there but here’s a list of 26 disturbing kids movies.  Thing’s that have really helped to warp shape us as adults.

7.  I want someone to tell me to DIAF on the internet.

8.  Oh sure, you see this video of someone sling shotting a watermelon and you automatically know something funny is going to happen… otherwise why was it linked?  You think, oh the straps going to break or maybe she’s gonna slip or maybe she forgets to let go and rockets across the field… think again.

9.  It’s not likely I’m going to ever start playing another MMO but this is one I would highly consider.  You see one of the guy is doing some sort of healing aura or something and I must say I’d be VERY excited to be a healer in a shooter like Quake.

10.  And of course I couldn’t end this without something crazy.  How about a sex map?  It’s mildly NSFW.  There isn’t any bad pictures but if you zoom in to look at the map you’ll see some funny words…


One thought on “MiniMap Monday

  1. Ok the funniest thing to me about that McNugget rampage video was the NEXT car in line pulling forward and the woman handing out their food like nothing ever happened. I seriously LOL’d.

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