Estate is a fancy word for overpriced

Estate sales are what happens when you die and the vultures from your family have swiped all the good shit and are now selling off the rest of your worldly possessions.  It’s also a fancy word for overpriced.  You’ll find A LOT of the same exact things at estate sales and garage sales.  The only difference being the price tag.  Whether it is love or greed you will find lots of the stuff is really not worth the asking price.  You will also find some real gems.

Things that you would never find at garage sales, namely more expensive jewelry and antiques out the butt.  Especially if the person had a bit of money (usually old people do) and they collect things.

Betsy and I got up at 8am and headed to the first day of an estate sale south of our town.  We weren’t really expecting anything too great but we were definitely surprised.

Recently Betsy’s husband broke one of her prized bowls.  It was a thick and heavy, very well made, glass bowl.  She made TONS of stuff in it.  The most notable recipe being her microwave jambalaya.  Absolutely one of the best dishes I’ve ever had.  You wouldn’t expect it to be too great coming from the microwave but I HIGHLY recommend it.  The bowl was just the right size to make everything in it and fit in the microwave.  When it broke my dreams were a bit dashed because how were we going to make this dish without THE bowl?!

She found, possibly, a better bowl.  It’s still a thick, heavy glass bowl but it has handles AND a lid.  She won’t have to use a plate to cover up the top of the bowl anymore!

There were several pieces of furniture as well.  Most of it well out of asking range but we did find Betsy’s mom a new dining room table (big enough for 7 fucking chairs).  I also found a neat coffee table.

It’s a bit beat up so I’ll have to paint it but that’s okay… just another thing for the list!  The cool part is the top there.  It’s a shadow box.  It comes off and you can display things in it.  I’ve seen one or two of them before and it’s always in super old peeps houses but I thought it was cool so I grabbed it ($30).  I might have paid a bit much for it now that I look at how beat up it is but it’s still a nice piece.

We headed outside so we could look at the random assortment of things not deemed important enough to be sheltered from the sun and I put my table in van.  I came back over to Betsy who was looking at cook books that were old as dirt.  That’s when I spotted a tarnished pitcher.  It was definitely silver and sitting on a gimpy table with old torches and janky lamps.  There wasn’t a price on it but there was some information on the bottom of it.  Enough to Google (thank you iphone!) and find out exactly what it was.

It was for sure a silver pitcher.  The random Ebay listings for similar ones were around the $20-$40 range.  Matt’s (Watz) mom has a large collection of antique silver and I thought hey, Xmas gift!  It didn’t have a price on it though so I took it into the house and asked the lady manning the cash register how much this was.  She said she’d have to ask the other old lady (there was a gaggle of them) and she headed off.

That’s when I figured I’d have to start playing a game of Haggle.  I started to tell the lady as she walked off that I’d pay up to $10 for it so we didn’t have to go back and forth.  Just put my foot down there and take it or leave it.  I didn’t though, waiting to see where the Haggle price would start.

The old lady comes back and says $1.

“SOLD!” I screamed as I soiled my pants.

This easily makes up for overpaying on the table a bit.

It is an F. B. Rogers Silver Water Pitcher with Ice Guard.  I’ll make sure to get an after picture when I get it all gussied up.


3 thoughts on “Estate is a fancy word for overpriced

  1. Shiny says:

    Lol, hope the stains came out of your pants. I used to work for Oneida and we sold pitchers very similar to your new acquisition. Have fun polishing it!

  2. When I went out to my Mom’s house to help deliver the china hutch she also bought at that same estate sale, she had me set up the table with all the leaves. We figure if we’re pressed to it, we can seat about 10 people around it. My dad also bought a funky little enameled brass bowl made in India. The lady gave it to him for free because they’d just dropped $470 on the table, chairs and china hutch. He was *glee*.

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