FNCCC 14 – Pork Chops+


If you look at my picture, you will notice that the sugar snap peas look a bit odd. It’s because sugar snap peas are not in season here, so I used green beans from my mom’s garden.

Here’s the recipe.

We are fortunate enough to live in an area with a LOT of local orchards. We have apple blossom/apple butter/apple harvest festivals around here like crazy. Right now every local farmer’s market has apples, CHEAP. We buy them in large boxes and bags. Peaches are also abundant. Addy’s favorite apple is the McIntosh, and when I saw that this recipe had it, I figured I would give it a try.

I had all the ingredients except the parsley and the juice, which I picked up after work at the store. This meal says it takes 15 minutes prep time and 15 minutes to cook, and I’d say that is pretty accurate. The potatoes took the longest, because I only had large red potatoes. I had chopped them up into chunks but it still took awhile, probably closer to 20 minutes.

I’ve made cooked apples before, but never with the cranberries. The cranberries and juice gave it a nice flavor and color.

This was a good meal. I don’t usually make a lot of pork as it’s not a meat I really prefer, but the kids ate all of theirs and I think Addy did too. The potatoes went well and I think everyone liked the cran-apple sauce…Addy didn’t even try it, however. So much for making it with his favorite McIntosh apples and thinking he’d eat it. He’ll probably post on this thread that the only proper way to eat a McIntosh apple is cut up with caramel apple dip, and that I shouldn’t mess with something that’s good enough without having to “fancy it up.” Overall, this was a good, well-balanced and nutritious dinner, and it didn’t take me hours to make. I give it a 4 star rating (it would get a 5 if I liked pork more).


5 thoughts on “FNCCC 14 – Pork Chops+

  1. Tagra says:

    He forgot the guest post picture, so I am going to pretend Xeo has murdered Shiny and is masquerading in her kitchen wearing her clothes.

    And no one noticed.

  2. Xeo says:

    Addy did give me a funny look when he said it needed more salt and I just screamed at him No Excuses Just Fix It!

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