FNCCC 14 – Kahlua Chocolate Chunk Cookies

I’m probably going to have to quit making cookies because they are a bit to easy to do.  Not a whole lot of excitement when you stir some shit together and get a lump of goodness.

Actually these weren’t a lump of goodness…..

I think coffee is an okay flavor but I don’t really like it.  I wanted to make a side-dish or at least something to accompany whatever Betsy was making so dessert it was.  She ran through Rachel’s recipes and found me a cookie recipe.  She quickly demanded that I make them and before I knew it I was in a whirlwind of, for srs?

She knows I’m not a big fan of coffee and it wasn’t until we were running through Homeland that I came to realize just how much coffee stuff is in it.

3 TABLE spoons of Kahlua
3 TABLE spoons of Coffee Crystals
1 TABLE spoon of ground coffee beans

That’s a metric fuckton of coffee.

It was super easy to make though.  I put all the shit in a bowl and started mixing it with a spoon and Betsy is all, “You want me to do that?  It’ll go faster if you use your hands.”  I’m all, “No bitch this is my FNCCC!”

I started mixing with my hands and this shit was NASTY.  It’s the worst dough I’ve ever put my hands in.  It was very mushy for a dough and really stuck too my hands.  It kind of looked like what was left in a coffee filter after you made a batch of coffee… it tasted like that too.

The only changes we made were to put in pecans instead of walnuts.

The first batch I cooked to the correct time and they came out a bit gooier than I was hoping so the second / third batches I left in longer to get a crispier edge and give it a bit more bite.

They were surprisingly good (not great) for the amount of coffee in them.  I won’t make them again but if you love coffee flavored stuff you should totally make these.  Den and Betsy loved the shit out of them.

They taste A LOT better with a glass of milk for breakfast!



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