FNCCC 12 – Guy Fieri’s Baked Potato Salad


Now that I’m back to school I am finding it harder to have time to actually cook real things. I’ve been living off string cheese, salads, and fresh fruit this week and I know next week will be the same. I need stuff I can grab really quickly with no preparation time. After the first month of school, I hope things will have calmed down enough that I can actually cook again (besides on the weekends).

Since I’m a little behind, I went ahead and made my Guy Fieri recipe that I’d planned on doing last week. The picture looked appealing, it was gluten free, and there were no really exotic ingredients. Oh, and it got a 5 star rating from the people who reviewed it.

Baked Potato Salad.

This recipe was really easy. I started boiling the red potatoes on the stove this morning as I multitasked around the kitchen. It doesn’t tell you to cut the potatoes into chunks before boiling them, but I used regular sized potatoes and they were taking quite awhile to cook. If you make this and use bigger potatoes, cut them in half and save yourself some cooking time.

While the potatoes were boiling, I went ahead and cooked the bacon. This aroma attracted swarms of vultures in the kitchen but I kept them away with my trusty fork. Mixing the dressing was quick and painless. When I poured the dressing over the boiled/fried potatoes, I felt like maybe it was too much. My potatoes looked like maybe they were in a stew rather than a potato salad. I shrugged it off and took the potato salad to my guinea pigs for the day, my parents.

The recipe tells you to save the green onions and bacon for serving time, so I kept them separately in a plastic baggie. My mom was pleased to see that I’d brought a side dish to go with lunch so she wouldn’t have to make one. At lunchtime, I poured in the baggie of green onions and bacon, stirred the bowl a few times, and realized that my potato salad now looked appropriately like potato salad and not like a soup. Yay!

We had it with hot dogs. At the first mouthful, my dad (who’s pretty picky) said he could eat the WHOLE bowlful. He had seconds and thirds, large servings. Then he announced that I should take this to every potluck, reunion, and church dinner. It was THAT good. My son, who never eats regular potato salad, ate it and loved it. Mom and I ate all of ours. Cady refused to try it, of course. More for the rest of us.

I could see my dad eyeing what was left, so I graciously divided the remaining potato salad into three bowls. One went to my grandma (another unsuspecting guinea pig), one for Addy to try, and one for my parents. I am sure my dad will eat it all if he hasn’t already and won’t share with my mom. I gave her the recipe.

I brought the small bowlful home for Addy and he liked it too. This potato salad is NOT like a typical potato salad except for the texture. The taste is really like a baked potato with “the works.” I will be making this again. 🙂

Editor’s Note:  This was attached to the bottom of the email, “(Xeo I’ll send a pic later if Addy doesn’t eat the rest before I can snap one!)”  You’ll notice there is no picture…


3 thoughts on “FNCCC 12 – Guy Fieri’s Baked Potato Salad

  1. Tagra says:

    I love potato salad. Unfortunately potatoes are way at the bottom of the “red” zone for my diet because they have no protein so I can’t make it very often -.-

    Bacon is totally protein though right? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  2. I might have to make that for Den. I’m not crazy about potato salad because I don’t like mayo, but I *might* try a bite.

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