FNCCC 13 – Savory Muffins

Savory deserts have always confused me or just down right grossed me out.  Anything that’s in a pie crust should be sweet and tasty, not savory and yucky.  I detest the very existence of chicken pot pie and don’t even get me started on shepherds pie.

Just gross.


But I’m a sucker for new things and there it was right in front of me.  Bacon corn muffins with savory cream cheese frosting, just staring at me and daring me to try it.  This was also a great chance to use my new knife and I found 8 nesting mixing bowls for $12 at Ross so hey, gotta use the new toys!

I made this huge shopping list for the ingredients for this recipe (plus I’m making a white wine sangria Friday night).  I wish I had taken a picture of the shopping list because half of it was crossed out and it turned into a raid on Betsy’s pantry.

I borrowed her hand mixer as well and headed home, ready to tear this recipe up.

First thing I had to do was make some bacon and I had extra slices so baked all that shit up.  I didn’t leave it in long enough so it wasn’t totally crunchy but it got the job done.  I chopped it up and mixed it into the batter.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Savory batter is NOT spoon-licking-tastic.  I kept splattering it while I was mixing it and that child-like instinct would set in.  OooOoOoo batter, EAT IT!  Then I’d shudder because it was yuck and think, wtf… you just did that.  Stop it.

Note to self… stop doing extreme closeups on batter.  That looks pretty nasty.

I scooped the stupid batter 1 tablespoon at a time into the mini muffin tins, trying to make sure each one had a decent amount of flavor (read: bacon) in it.

I don’t understand how some of the muffins came out perfect and others came out looking like they’ve been sunbathing on the surface of the sun.

Look how bad those are!  I tried peeling some of them and the paper is BAKED INTO the muffin.  I’m pretty sure thats not a good thing.  I dropped one and Dutch didn’t seem to care though and devoured it as I chased him around the kitchen trying to get it back.

Pickles could not be reached for comment, something about being superior to dogs and she would not be caught dead eating the same thing as something that would eat her poop.

The muffins start cooling so it’s time to make the savory? cream cheese frosting.

-Bowl… check.
-Hand mixer… check.
-Frosting bag… I have a butter knife.
-Cream cheese… check.
-Chives… check.
-Hot sauce… ch… at Betsy’s house.

So I left the hot sauce out of the frosting.  The frosting turned out yummy without it and I can certainly see myself using honey + cream cheese on something in the future (anyone know how to get a hold of Tom Hardy?)  The hot sauce helps to cut the sweet though I’d imagine and maybe give some sort of bite.

The muffins by themselves are pretty good though and if you put a little cheese into the batter… yum fucking o as Betsy put it.

I got my muffins frosted and put on the chives and bacon garnish.  It was awesome how the chives and smaller bacon bits looked like sprinkles.  They look super cute when made.

Viola, great tasting savory muffins!


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4 thoughts on “FNCCC 13 – Savory Muffins

  1. Shiny says:

    Those look really good! I know I’m slacking on my FNCCC’s. I’m back to work now and my free time has been pretty much non-existent. I have my recipe for last week and this week picked out but I haven’t done them yet.

  2. Shiny says:

    I would have been very disappointed in you if you hadn’t responded exactly in that manner. You just made my day! 😛

  3. I loved these so much. I think if I had eaten anymore of them, my dairy problem would have been a DAIRY PROBLEM. Get what I mean?? Anyway, I do think the “frosting” needs the hot sauce, so next time don’t forget to get some from my house! LOL

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