These Three Colors

What do these 3 colors have in common?

If you said they are pastel, you would be wrong!

If you said an clown, you would be wrong!

If you said what comes out of an easter bunny, you would be wrong!






If you said penis’ or things that go bzzzz you would be close!

They make up the back ground colors for my new display.

Trying to decide WHAT to do was the toughest part of this.  I had originally decided to do something with big flowers and butterflies (because some of the product, Evolved, has them on it).  The problem is that not all of them do.

A big theme on the packaging is tribal though.  I tried a few designs for doing something tribal and nothing quite worked out so I decided I’d just do horizontal stripes.  I’d vary the width so it would add some visual element but would still be extremely easy to do.

Then I realized that making an 8 foot straight line via my eye ball was about as practical as clipping your toenails with a chain saw.

That’s when this idea came across.  I figured I’d just do it collage-like and laid down the tape in semi straight lines.

My employee thought the green paint we have along our back wall would go well with the overall scheme by going around the outside, giving it a slight border to help contain the color-splooge so I dry brushed it around the outside.

I was really surprised how the blue tape makes the colors look extremely day-glow.

It took forever to paint this stupid thing.  The green went on without a hitch, one coat.  The purple took 2 coats and the pink… I quit painting it after the 4th fucking coat.

It came out better than I had expected.  It looks a lot like stained glass and the green gave it an amazing border.  The pink and purple get along very well with each other and I don’t feel like they are fighting for the spot light.  It’s tough to tell but our walls are actually beige.

The vibes went up…

After I put it up I realized that I was slightly off on the measurements and most of the display part of the wall is actually covered up.  It’s certainly not bad though, the hints of pink and purple peeking through are definitely an eye catcher against the rest of the store (which is beige, brown, and cream).

It’s nice to exercise my creativity.  I’m pretty happy with it overall and I’ll just make sure I enlarge the design a bit more next time so it helps to frame the display instead of just playing backdrop to it.


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