FNCCC 13 – Brian Boitano

This week is Brian Boitano… yes… the ex figure skater.  I think he taught Tonya how to break knees or something.  I’ve never seen him on the food network so no idea how well he translates.  I guess it’s good enough to have a show right?

You might be thinking to yourself… where have I heard Brian Boitano’s name?  No, not from figure skating but from South Park. There’s some cussing in the video (it’s fucking South Park).

I’m not sure what his style of cooking is or if his food is any good.  His recipes look all over the place and make me think he’s trying too hard.  It’s possible they are good though so we’ll see what happens!

The name of his show is called, “What Would Brian Boitano Do Make?”…..  Oh well, at least he’s kind of cute?

Edited in so you actually have a link to his recipes… so sad.


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