Starcraft 2 Brutally Beaten?

If your name is Marisse stop reading here.

When I got Starcraft 2 I wanted it to be a challenge.  I figured playing it on hard mode would be difficult… so I went with Brutal.  Holy fuck… it has been brutal (who didn’t see that one coming?!)

I had been trying strategy after strategy and took a week off from it because I was sick of dying.  It took forever just to get past 40% (on the timer) and then I was stuck around 95 – 98%.  I refined the strat and at 2 am…

I had expected to get the Sarah Kerrigan (human) portrait unlocked only to find out that beating the final mission put me at 28 / 29 completed missions.  I checked the achievement and found a mission called “Piercing The Shroud”.


After a certain point in the game you can’t go back and pick up new missions (unless you have some old saves).  I don’t have some old saves.  My only saving grace is that you can choose the difficulty on each mission.  I’ll just start over on casual and play to the part where I get the secret mission activation or whatever and do it on brutal.  It really is a hassle though /le sigh.

I’ll probably take this opportunity to complete a bunch of the achievements in the single player.  See if I can get ’em all knocked out but replaying the same missions over and over is the suck.

My 1v1 is at 65% win ratio though!  That’s pretty good for as sparring as I play.  I’m in the platinum league and I think I can hit Diamond if I put a little more effort into it.


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