FNCCC 12 – Guy Fieri

We’re back in the groove this week!  I hope everyone had a nice break and is geared up for Season 2 winner of Next Food Network Chef… Guy Fieri!

You can find the commonly known bio for him here.

They don’t tell you everything though.

When I was younger I was heavily into Greek Mythology which eventually led to my lust for Dungeons and Dragons and all things fantasy (especially WoW).

If you have read any Greek Mythology you would know that the gods were very petty and human-like.  They often took the guise of men and women and created offspring with mortals.  This led to the half-mortal half-deity humans such as Hercules.

Today everyone assumes the Greek gods to be… myth.

I could tell you that Guy Fieri is a descendant of Hephaestus the Greek God of Fire and a drunken trollop… but I’m not sure you’d believe me.

Have you ever noticed Guy’s last name, it’s resemblance to fire?

Have you ever noticed how Guy’s hair looks like an Olympic torch?

You can laugh if you want but the true lineage of Fiery Guy is known to me and I’ll keep my eye on him.  His love for spicy food and being out in the sun.  His sparkling personality (very common for a child of Hephaestus who fathered several of the Charities).

You can find the recipes for the great grand child of Hephaestus here.

I don’t want to get sued so this is fictitious, just FYI.


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