FNCCC 11 – Drinks n Wings


This week I made one recipe of my aunt’s and two that I found on Sparkpeople.com and tweaked a bit.

The ones I found on Sparkpeople are both chicken recipes–Crispy Ranch Chicken and Boneless Chicken Hot Wings.

I had planned on doing the Crispy Ranch Chicken recipe for dinner until Addy commented that he’d like wings. Now when Addy says he wants wings, he means Buffalo Wild Wings. However, I am a good wife and I try to look out for his health… and those wings are pretty unhealthy. I did a little searching and I found the Sparkpeople recipe and thought I’d surprise him by making those too. Wish I’d picked up some celery and bleu cheese dressing at Walmart earlier, but oh well.

The Boneless Chicken Hot Wings were really easy to make. I just mixed up the bread crumbs and other spices in a dish. Then I dipped the chicken bits (I cut up a few chicken breasts into “nugget” sizes) into the Tabasco sauce and then into the crumb mix. I removed them with my dry hand, which as stated in the recipe quickly becomes coated with the crumb mix. I put them on a non-stick foil lined cookie sheet.

Once those were in place, I started my Crispy Ranch ones. I looked at all the comments on this recipe and decided before I even started that I was going to modify it. Instead of Rice Krispies, I crushed up Rice Chex (it’s gluten free and Rice Krispies aren’t). I put in about 3/4 of a 1 oz. packet of Hidden Valley Ranch dressing mix and put both ingredients into a big bag. I opted not to do the egg and parmesan cheese. Instead, I decided I’d dip those pieces of chicken in Tabasco sauce too before coating them with the crispy stuff. The Tabasco sauce made the crispy stuff stick better and I didn’t have to waste eggs (I’m on an egg preservation kick after last week’s Ten Egg Cake).

I put both kinds of chicken into the oven at the same time for 25 minutes at 360 degrees. The hot wing chicken was supposed to be flipped halfway through cooking, but when I tried (as you’ll notice in the picture), the coating started to come off. I decided to leave the rest of them unflipped after turning about half of them.

While the chicken was cooking, I mixed up my aunt’s Summer Citrus Drink. I think it took about 3 minutes to make. Here’s the recipe:

Summer Citrus Drink

1 packet of Kool-aid lemonade, mixed up (or one can of frozen lemonade concentrate, mixed up)
1/2 carton of orange juice (about 1 quart)
1 liter of Sprite/ginger ale

Mix it all up. Done.

And now the verdict on the three recipes…

Boneless Chicken Hot Wings: These tasted good but were a bit too hot for me and the kids. Cady did eat several but she “cooled them off” with ketchup. Addy and I dipped ours in ranch dressing. It was a nice combination. He ate a bunch of them and said they were “OK.” I wonder if they would have tasted better with buffalo wing sauce instead of the Tabasco sauce. Maybe I’ll try that another time.

Crispy Ranch Chicken (modified): The kids and I loved these. We liked the crunchy texture from the Chex cereal and the Tabasco sauce was just enough flavoring to complement the powdered ranch seasoning. We gave it a 5/5. Addy didn’t try them.

Summer Citrus Drink: I’ve had this before but never made it myself. Both kids declared that I should make this every day. Addy said it was “fine.” He’s not a fruity-drink person so this is probably a good compliment. Jordan said it would be really good if you put a scoop of rainbow sherbet in it too. Good thinking, kid!  By the way, we were sucking this stuff down after all those spicy nuggets.

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One thought on “FNCCC 11 – Drinks n Wings

  1. My kids really enjoy making lemonades! Ever since I first let them do it themselves, they take it upon them to do it regularly for the family. Good thing, I brief them about cleaning after themselves every time they use the kitchen, 😉
    I think they’ll love your recipe here, I better make them a copy. Thanks for sharing by the way. Oh and my kids are 7 and 5, both girls. 🙂

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