New Toys!

I’m really loving my second job over at Ross.  Granted I work my ass off but I’m just a peasant with no responsibilities.  I get to gossip and fuck around and work hard at not working.  It’s like that job you got when you were in high school that you didn’t really give a fuck about.

You don’t need the job, you are just doing it for some spending cash and in my case… the discount.

Ross’ employees (the peasants anyway) get a 20% discount on most everything in the store.  This is bad mmmkay.  My wardrobe has been expanding exponentially.  I’m gonna have to have a garage sale to get rid of shit I haven’t worn in years and use that cash to buy even more clothes at Ross!

Clothes isn’t the only thing they sell though.  You can get shoes (only one new pair so far).  You can get pillows.  You can get random accent furniture.

You can get kitchen utensils.

That’s right… I’ve been getting new kitchen things!

A: You might notice a nice cutting board that all the items are resting on.  I’ve got a plastic cutting board I use for EVERYTHING at the moment but I wanted something a little… fancier looking.  It’s a bamboo cutting board by Simply Bamboo and retails for about $30… I got it for like $10.  I haven’t had a chance to use it yet, I’ll be kind of sad once I do start using it since it won’t be as pretty anymore.  I like how it has the channels around the edge of it to catch liquids (read: salmonella) and other gross things.

B: When I got my first set of knives they came in a plastic clam-shell like package at Wally World.  They aren’t bad but they aren’t great either.  I hadn’t realized how flimsy my main cutting knife was until I got this new one from Calphalon.  It’s a Calphalon 7 inch Santuko knife.  It has the nice dips in the blade so food is less likely to stick to it when you cut it and it feels heavy duty.  The blade is sharper (tested via my bleeding finger) and the extension into the handle is more heavy duty.  The grip is really neat and it fits into my hand in a swell kind of way.

C: This was great for 2 reasons.  One my kitchen is black and metallic (if you ignore the bamboo cutting board).  This spatula sits in a metal container I’ve got all my other kitchen cooking thingies in so it adds a pop of color but has the metallic handle.  Reason two is because I managed to melt my other spatula in half by leaving it resting on the side of the pan.

D: I’m not completely sure what it is… but I know what I’m using it for.  If you’ve ever watched Rachel Ray cook then you’ve seen her use that pastry scrapper thingie to pickup shit off her cutting board (instead of using her knife… did I mention I wasn’t good at handling sharp objects?).  This one is roughly the same thing but has measurements on it to!  I won’t feel quite as lost now or end up trying to use my sticky / greasy / burnt / bleeding fingers on my iphone while I cook!

E: BAM!  I now have 4 small bowls, 1 medium bowl, and 1 large bowl.  Let the mixing squishing mashing commence!

Like I said… Ross has been good and bad.  I think they are just paying me in gift certificates at this point.  When I close at Ross I always volunteer to straighten the men’s department because I get to straighten AND SHOP at the same time.  It’s so great.

I also found a giant hollow glass fish that we use at work (job #1… the porn store) now.  I’ve tried to cut out all the offensive stuff from the pic… except what the fish is carrying in his belly!  This has been my greatest find at Ross so far.

Anyone else gotten anything new and shiny since you started cooking (or have been cooking more)?


7 thoughts on “New Toys!

  1. Shiny says:

    I got my first santuko knife about two years ago…before that I was using a paring knife to do everything. I had a knife block set, but it was serrated on the wrong side (I’m lefthanded) and my cuts were always crooked. After falling in love with that santuko knife (Kitchenaid), I received a new knife block set this year for Christmas (Kitchenaid too) and now I actually use most of the knives.

    I also have that red spatula thingy you got! I don’t think I got mine at Ross though. We use it for everything, and yes, it’s great that you can’t melt the handle off. 🙂

    I had about $100 in gift cards to Ross that I just spent recently on clothes. I got three shirts, three pairs of pants, and a sports bra for less than $100. Oooh I’m so happy when I shop there!

  2. MrAcelow says:

    That’s an awesome fishbowl! I love it.

    I used to work for TJ Maxx back in the day. If I remember correctly TJ Maxx and Ross are under the same company umbrella.

  3. Xeo says:

    I know isn’t the fishbowl awesome!

    I’m not sure if they are under the same umbrella either but there was one when I lived in Florida and I’d go to it all the time. It’s an awesome place and just like Ross.

  4. Xeo says:

    I’ve been so busy I haven’t had a chance to cook anything with the new knife / spatula yet zomg.

    I never knew you were left handed, that explains A LOT of things /nod.

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