FNCCC 11 – Ted Allen

This weeks chef is Mr. Ted Allen.

You can find his recipes here.


hahahahaha, I just read Betsy’s post and realized he has 4 recipes and 3 are alcoholic.  I checked out epicurious and he has a few more listed here but it’s not exactly a whole lot.

I scampered over to Sarah from I Blame Mother to see if she had done some leg work and I could just copy but she notes he’s just a host.

In fact I can’t find much of anything at all that this guy makes.  I know his personality makes me want to have a close encounter with a hive of killer african honey bees… but that’s no excuse for not having recipes!

This is how Mr. Allen is going to work this week.

1.  Your meal must have an accompanying drink, it can be from anywhere and alcohol is not required but highly encouraged.  Especially if it will be drunk by kids.

2. (optional) How many of you have a pantry / icebox full of random leftover ingredients from the previous recipes?  Well, I don’t because I give them all to Betsy and D used his in FNCCC 4 for some refrigerator pie.  You can take those extra ingredients and plug them into this generator over at Allrecipes.com that takes the ingredients you have and will spit out a recipe for you.


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