FNCCC 10 – Bacon Cheeseburger Meatloaf and German Chocolate Cheesecake


Addy was going out of town this week for several days and he’s mentioned Paula Deen to me before, so I figured I’d let him pick the recipes for this week. He picked Bacon Cheeseburger Meatloaf and German Chocolate Cheesecake.

The meatloaf was incredibly easy to make. I substituted gluten-free breadcrumbs instead of the regular ones, and I left off the french-fried onions at Addy’s request. I cannot even describe to you how divine this smelled as it was cooking. There may be “lick marks” on the oven door. I think I lengthened the cooking time by 10 minutes or so because it wasn’t quite done in the middle.

The verdict on this one was a “5 star rating” across the board. Both kids ate all of theirs, Addy had several pieces, and I ate all of mine. When we were done, there were 2 slices left. We delivered them to my parents. Apparently my dad ate both pieces the next day for lunch and didn’t share any with my mom. He loved it. This probably isn’t the healthiest recipe…a nutrition tracker has it for about 323 calories a slice, but for an occasional thing, this was really good.

When Addy returned from his trip, I had prepared the German Chocolate Cheesecake Style Cake for him. This cake will henceforth be known as the Ten-Egg Cake. Yes, you read that right. TEN eggs for this recipe. Nearly a whole box. Fortunately, I couldn’t eat this cake even if I wanted to, so there was no temptation. I don’t like coconut anyway. This cake was also very easy to make. It’s basically a cake mix with a layer of cream cheese mix baked in the middle, and then topped with homemade frosting.

While the Ten-Egg Cake was cooling, I cooked the frosting and had to use a baking thermometer to check for when it was the right temperature. Addy didn’t want pecans in his frosting, so I omitted them and just put in the coconut. It looked pretty gross (imo) but apparently that’s the way it was supposed to look.

I made him take a picture of it before he ate it. He gave the overall recipe 4 stars…he liked the cake part (5 stars) and the frosting (6 stars he says!) but the cheesecake layer was a mediocre 3 stars. He liked it so much, he called his dad to tell him about it, and then his godmother (who’s German) to rave about it. Then my parents stopped by and he made them both sample the frosting before sending them off with several pieces. Apparently I did well. Jordan liked the cake, but Cady immediately spit out the little bit she’d tried. She doesn’t like coconut either.

There is more than half of the Ten-Egg Cake left now. I didn’t even try to figure out how many calories per slice there were in this thing. Let’s just say it’s probably REALLY unhealthy. You should make and eat this cake if you have a serious egg deficiency in your diet. For those with egg allergies, just looking at this cake may kill you. View the picture at your own risk.


4 thoughts on “FNCCC 10 – Bacon Cheeseburger Meatloaf and German Chocolate Cheesecake

  1. That meatloaf looks fantastic!! The cake looks good, but I think I felt my throat start to close up just looking at the picture. Eggs + me = bad.

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