FNCCC 10 – 78 Cookies and 15 Chicken Strips

This week the Butta Queen was our cook.  I chose 2 different recipes from her.  The first recipe which I made for lunch for Betsy’s Bunch and I was Chicken Nuggets with Honey Moo-stard.

I bought chicken tenders instead of cutting chicken boobs into small cubes because it was easier.  I got those out and got my dredging and batter ready.  I’m not a big fan of the tactile feeling of touching raw chicken or the way it feels when it’s dripping egg / milk or covered in small crunchy bits.

Paula didn’t say put them in a food processor so I just crushed them in a bag.  If I ever make them again I’m gonna throw ’em in the processor so I get more of a dust instead of crunchy bits likes this, more on this part later though.

Paula says to drizzle them with the 1/3rd cup of butta and I was a bit against it.  I don’t understand the point of doing it since there is already so much grease / flavor that would be in the chips.  It just seems like artery overkill.  Betsy and I also noticed that when you drizzle it on it makes the chips soggy.

Because of the sogginess from the butter it caused the chicken strips to not really get brown at all.  We cooked them at the 350 for 15 minutes and then put them under the broiler for about 4 mins.  Fear of overcooking them caused us to pull them out.  The chicken came out perfect and the breading was somewhat flavorful (read: tasted like butter) but didn’t crisp up.

I was shocked at how little flavor the sour cream and onion chips added to the chicken strips and that’s possibly just because I didn’t crush them enough (read: pulverized).

The honey moo-stard turned out pretty good.  I’m not a big fan of honey mustard (especially when you mix it yourself and realize it looks like something from a babies diaper).  Den did love the honey mustard though.  He gave the chicken strips a 3 and the moo-stard a 4.  Shorty (Betsy’s oldest) gave the strips a 5.

Next up we have Paula’s Orange Toffee Almond Sandies.  I was a bit shocked when it said it makes 9 dozen cookies.  I was like… srsly?!

Betsy let me use her old mixer that was made before either of us were born.  This is as always, the fun part.

As the batter got thicker you could hear the mixer starting to struggle.  I was fairly certain it was going to explode and take us with it.

Did you know clementines have relatively no rind?  Oranges aren’t quite in season so all the ones we were going to buy looked like they had been sitting there since the 80s.  They were really nasty.  We grabbed a bag of clementines for the orange zest and it worked but man on man did it take a bunch of clementines for the 3 tablespoons of zest we needed.

Can you imagine your mixer trying to mix that?  We had to take it out and Betsy mixed the toffee and almonds in by hand (cuz I really didn’t want to touch it).

After it was all mixed it took 4 bakings to get the cookies done.  Betsy started laughing at me because the longer it took to roll out the balls the bigger they got.  A sheet cookie was sounding pretty good by the time I got done that’s for dam sure.

I ended up with 78 cookies.


I split them into 5 batches to be given around so that I didn’t put on a hundred pounds and slipping into a diabetic coma trying to eat them.

They were REALLY good though.  I was pleasantly surprised.  The flavors mixed great and nothing was fighting or overpowering the other flavors.  Big thumbs up for these.

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3 thoughts on “FNCCC 10 – 78 Cookies and 15 Chicken Strips

  1. Alexandra, or Tiny as Wil calls her, LOVED the chicken strips WITH the honey mustard. For an 18 month old, I was impressed.

    I was pretty pleased with how easy the chicken strips seemed. They would be pretty easy to whip up pretty quickly, and I’d be willing to experiment with different flavors of chips.

  2. Shiny says:

    Both recipes look really good. I could even eat the chicken one (minus the mustard sauce, not a fan of it). I love toffee, wish I could eat the cookies.

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