Starcraft Zombie

I think it’s Thursday… I’m not sure.  I got SC2 at 12am on Tuesday (ie. late Monday night).  Since then I’ve had a crazy busy work schedule working almost 14 hrs on Tuesday and then 16 hrs on Wednesday.  You add in the fact I’m going to bed late from SC2 and I’ve had about 8 hrs of sleep since Monday.

It’s great.

On the plus side… SC2 single player is amazing.  Tons of people talked about how they have beaten it already but I’m struggling with it.

There’s 4 levels of difficulty, easy, normal, hard, and brutal.  I’m a decent SC2 player (was diamond league back in beta) so I figured I’d play it on brutal difficulty.  It’s tearing my ass up.  It’s taken me 3+ tries on most of the missions trying to figure out how best to beat it plus get the achievements.

That’s right Marisse… I’m going for nerd points in Starcraft 2!

I was gonna try to cook Tuesday but then I had a managers meeting that took all day (cuz of the drive to and from).  Then Wednesday I had to pull a double due to employee’s calling in and tonight Betsy is cooking so I’m relegated to Friday afternoon (I work Friday night at the other job OMG).

Back to the point though… SC2.

The single player has/is been more than I expected.  There’s only like 26 missions which I was kind of sad about but if you are playing on the appropriate difficulty level (one that doesn’t let you breeze through it) then it’ll take awhile to beat it.  The cut scenes and the storyline are great.  The AI has been intelligent enough to switch strategies and build the right counter units or to make timing attacks.  I’m very pleased with the game and I highly recommend it if you even mildly like RTS.


4 thoughts on “Starcraft Zombie

  1. Marisse says:

    All I saw was blah blah blah stupid new game blah blah blah achievements *ears perk up* you know, you can come back and I can help catch you up on achievements….
    PS your new game sounds really stupid. Bye!

  2. Marisse says:

    FUCK. I just checked to see if it was on my dvr since I was working and it must not have saved my old set to record things when they updated the menu. I have it set again now for that one when it replays on Saturday and all the new ones.

    PS Xeo’s new game still sounds stupid.

  3. Xeo says:

    @Con: I haven’t had a chance to watch it yet. I’m sure I’ll be happy with it though but if I hate it or think you can do better I will certainly let you know.

    Congrats btw, I heard you were pregnant?!

    @Marisse: lol, you realize it didn’t record because that was karma biting you in the ass for being mean to me right?

    I miss y’all!

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