Starcraft 2

Starcraft 2 is currently being installed and is at 90%.  I wanted to post to let you know I might be taking a slight hibernation from posting but I’ll try to do it while I’m at work.  I got the collector’s edition and just finished oogling the art book and reading the user manual.  I have to be up for work in 8hrs which kind of sucks but that’s 8hrs of playtime!  If I wasn’t going to Blizzcon this year I would take a vacation day or two to try and get the SC2 out of my system.

I can totally hold off on the multiplayer since I’ve been doing it since beta started but it’s the first person campaign that has me jonesing for my SC love!  I’m glad my DVD drive is even holding up for the installation.  It’s been making a nice grinding noise lately like maybe it’s going to blow chunks and die.  I’ll keep my fingers crossed on it living just a weeeeeee bit longer.

Almost done installing so I gotta go.  I have to get some snacks and be ready for the session.  I have my bedpan and soda and Cheeto’s ready.

Xeonio over and out.


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