FNCCC 10 – Paula Deen

Everyone knew that eventually we’d eventually get to her.

This week…





That’s right bitches.  The lady that is more likely to give you and your family a heart attack by the age of 12 than any other chef.  Her recipes tastes like heaven because she deep fries angels and covers them in sugar.

You can find her recipes here and I hope you like her pic cuz it’s creeping me the fuck out.

The Butta’ Queens history is sorted and steeped in controversy.  “Allegedly” Paula killed her husband in her early 20’s (possibly in the 1920’s).  She needed a way to get rid of the body so she bought a butter factory.  A tragic accident caused her to deep fry him and her love for cooking blossomed (I don’t think she ate him, she’s not a cannibal, gawd).

The success of her deep fried cinnamon butter-sicles were the beginning of the end for her.  She was slowly killing most of Albany, GA. and taking in the orphaned children.  The working conditions were horrible and she promoted a survival of the fittest mentality.  Two boys in particular showed an adept skill at controlling the other kids.  Through repeated lashings and the random disappearances the boys learned the KGB were on to Mrs. Butta as she was dubbed in black markets of cooking.

She quickly set the stage for what would be known as the buttanobyl and caused a meltdown in the core of the butter factory.  She and all the children were assumed dead.

A few years later in Savannah, GA a woman by the name of Paula Deen started a business known as The Lady and Sons.

Interpol has been unable to tie Paul and the Butta Queen together but one day… one day she will have to pay for all the tragedy she has caused.


3 thoughts on “FNCCC 10 – Paula Deen

  1. D says:

    Noooooooo!!! Two of my panelists are going to be gone this week, and they hate Paula Deen. I was so hoping to inflict her on them.

  2. Xeo says:

    lol, You could always cook it next week for them and just lie right? How many people are you cooking for?

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