Garage Saleing!

It’s been a bit since Betsy and I went garage saleing. Between her 3 kids and Sally (sister-in-law) coming in from England and my picking up a second job our times just haven’t been aligned. This morning however, was different.

It was a GREAT day for saleing across town.  Here’s our full haul.

As you can see we got quite a few things.

A. ($3) This chair we got at a church sale.  It was a tiny church called the Apopsicle Tabernacle or something.  It wasn’t apostle or apocalypse… some weird word I’ve never seen before.  I’m not sure it even is a real word.  It was like Apopolips or something (srsly).  The pastor had become ill and rather than trying to find a replacement pastor the family decided to liquidate the assets and the property was going up for sale.  The building was tiny so I can only assume it was having trouble financially anyway.

The chair looks really nice and is certainly different then most chairs I’ve seen.  I’ve been needing a slipper chair and I think this will work great.  I’m gonna paint it white and it needs new screws for the seat cushion.  It has a bit of a stability problem (the reason you see the black tie around the bottom front of it).  I’m pretty sure I can fix that though and if not my grandpa will totally be able to help me with it.

B. ($1)  The monkey’s are a special gift for Betsy’s middle daughter, Tiny.  We started picking up cool sock monkeys at garage sales and we’ve just been branching out from there.  The lil’ brown monkey has a bit of hair on top of his head and I’m having separation anxiety.  I absolutely love the cute lil’ bastard.

He’s soft and has the hair and an adorable lil’ face.  Love that stuffed animal.  She might have to pry it from my cold dead hands.  He’d look great sitting next to my murloc.  The other monkey looks like something that might have been given for Valentine’s Day.  He’s mostly red with little hearts on him and I think it said something on his stomach but I totally don’t remember what.

C. ($1)  Ever see something and you are just like really that is for sale and you snatch it up before thinking twice?  It’s someone’s league bowling shirt!  The embroidery is a bit faded but it’s so kewl.  It’s some kind of mesh weave so it breaths really well and the buttons are weird as shit.  Some sort of plastic concoction that is twice the size of the normal metal snaps.  I’m not sure if I’ll ever actually wear it but I couldn’t pass it up for a dollar.  Maybe I’ll just throw it into my first garage sale whenever that happens.

D. ($2)  D is a simple wine rack that is an ugly color.  Luckily I know how to paint furniture and I might have a bit of fun with it.  I’m not sure if I’m going to throw it in the kitchen or somewhere in the living room.  The top of it also has some sliding spots for wine glasses so that was kind of exciting.  Now I just need to have wine long enough to actually put some in it.

E. ($.50)  “E” is just the white cloth with the red embroidery on it.  It’s a set of short curtains that Betsy found at the Apocalypse church.  They are cute and old fashioned.  They remind me A LOT of my great grand mother so even if they are a bit out of place I’m gonna love having them in my kitchen.

F. ($6)  These are the baby clothes that Betsy got for Tiny and the screamer.  Betsy found an outfit that is re-god-dam-diculously cute.  That long sleeved flowery top is super and under it is a pair of blue jeans that have an adorable butterfly embroidered on it.  Tiny is gonna look all kinds of fierce when she can fit into it (when the winter comes).

There were also some neat finds that escaped us or were just that’s kewl to see.  We found an old shop just outside of town that sells old stuff and junk.  While searching around we found this little baby.

I didn’t know what it was at first but Betsy pointed it out.  See the holes in it?  You crack your egg and pour it onto it.  The yolk stays on top and has that nice little pouring part while the whites go into the bottom of the dish.  How neat is that?  Granted I just use my hands but it was a neat little find.

One of our first stops was at the retirement home.  I’m pretty sure everything you buy from the retirement home is from the rooms of peeps that died and no one was around to claim their shit.  Betsy said it was donated… whatever.  Each item comes complimentary with a ghost though.


This was the find that I’m sad I missed.  It sold just before we got there for only $50.

It was a bit beat up, you can see the top there where the gold had chipped off to reveal a lair of white underneath.  The drawers were heavy though and the whole construction of it was VERY solid.  Some love for this dresser would result in a piece that is absolutely amazing I’m sure of it.

Overall I only spent $7.50 and Betsy spent $6.  We got some nice shit and I will definitely call today a nice set of finds!


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