FNCCC 9 – Drinks & Chops

Welcome all to this weeks edition of FNCCC.  We are at week 9 now, just past the 2 month mark… I know… I’m excited to.  This week was the wonderful Sunny Anderson and to my surprise she had A LOT of decent recipes.

I just wanted to tangent here real fast and point out that I try to adhere to a strict policy of not changing the original recipe.  If I don’t like a flavor or the texture of something I just try to avoid it in a recipe.  In the rare case I change something (ie. dropping the nutmeg) I’ll make sure and note it.  It’s important to me to keep the recipe as true to the original as possible.  That way I don’t bitch about a dish that I mutilated due to changes.  That said… let’s get on with the recipes!

I started off with a cocktail… because what kind of fun is cooking if you aren’t drunk?!  Actually I didn’t get liquored up.  The only time I’ve gotten drunk while cooking was when I made the risotto and played pick out the burnt rice.  I chose her Sans Souci Punch recipe and mixed that shit up.

It was meh at best.  Everyone drank some of it just to taste it but after their first glass they were done with it.  I drank about half of mine and poured it out (very sad day to waste alcohol).  The rum REALLY overpowered the drink and the flavor of the orange-pineapple juice clashed rather than reinforced the drink.  I definitely won’t be making this again.

Next up we have the pork chops.  I made Grilled Smoked Pork Chops with Sweet and Sour Glaze.  I only let them marinate for about an hour or two so I can only imagine how much better they’ll get if you leave ’em overnight or maybe during the day while you’re at work.

Betsy pointed out that it is more like a rub then a marinade since there is hardly any liquid for it to sit in.  It was a bit difficult to push the stuff all around in the bag to make sure all of it was coated but I got ‘er done.

First of all let me say that if you don’t have an OUTSIDE grill you should NOT make these.  You would have thought my house was on fire the way smoke was coming out of my kitchen.  Come to think of it I don’t remember tasting the lime flavor at all… anyway.

I put the first two down on my grill plate (I’ll have to take a picture of it sometime).  It’s heavy, cast iron density and covered in a non-stick coating.  It sits on top of two burners and you just turn on the burners and heat it up.  On one side are the grill lines and you can flip it over for a griddle side.  It’s great.  I loves it.

I put the first two po’ chops down and instantly there was smoke billowing up.  I was a bit worried since I had 8 of the lil’ boogers to cook but I went along with it.  Luckily the first two stuck to the non-stick (I know right?!) and I got to send up even more smoke as those pieces of the pork burned to a crisp.  They were also the only ones that got decent grill marks.

That could be because I cooked them like it said.  Two mins on that side then turn 90 degrees, cook 2 mins, flip, cook 2 mins.  I took those off and tried them.  They were definitely a bit overcooked.  Not a lot, but enough to make me reduce the cooking time.  They were already smoked so it wasn’t like I could undercook ’em.

The iphone sucks balls for pictures with its 1/4th of a megapixel camera.  Can’t wait ’til the white iphone 4 is out so I can get it.  I digress.

Everyone who ate them (but me) loved them.  They aren’t bad, they were definitely good but maybe a bit too sweet for me?  I’m not sure.  Maybe the smoke inhalation turned me off or the fact that Dutch was trying to chew off my legs so I’d be short enough for him to have one.

They were good… just not good enough.

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6 thoughts on “FNCCC 9 – Drinks & Chops

  1. Shiny says:

    The pork chops actually do look pretty good. When you said you have an indoor grill plate (before you described it better) I was imagining that yours looked like Vork’s in The Guild…where he makes s’mores and every other manner of thing right next to his computer. I hope you let Dutch have a pork chop.

  2. Xeo says:

    hahahaha, I know what you are talking about! I did give him a pork chop though. You’d think it was xmas in his lil’ doggy brain.

  3. Den says:

    The cocktail grew on me as I drank more of it…although that’s probably the alcohol taking effect. I’m not going to let the rest of it go to waste though, I’ll finish off what’s left.

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