Starcraft 2 VODs [Update]

Since I quit playing WoW I’ve had time to *gasp* play other video games, namely Starcraft 2.  I’ve been scouring around looking for decent Starcraft 2 blogs and haven’t found any.  I guess… maybe… its not something people write about except when they are doing an article on strategy or something stupid.  Oh well.

I have found several commentators though that upload videos to Youtube and it has been really awesome.  Here’s the list of commentators I’ve found and a link to their youtube channel.  If you know of any decent SC2 blogs or other commentators let me know and I’ll add ’em to the list.

Update:  Beta phase 2 has recently started and we are only 12 days from the actual release of the game.  I’ve found several more commentators since then and watched some of them quite (or migrate to other places).  I wanted to update the list and share it with you all.

VOD = Video On Demand

1.  Starcraft Legacy:  Commenting is done mainly by Crota and SaharaDrac, both members of the SCLegacy website.  They have recently moved to a new youtube channel and the link has been updated.  They also upload the random videos that get released by Blizzard so it’s a good way to keep up with what’s going on.  I highly recommend their website.

2.  Husky Starcraft:  My personal favorite of all the commentators I’ve found.  Great voice that carries the action well and keeps it moving.  Offers decent advice and explains what is going on.  Most of the games posted are of pro quality and it really helps to give you an insight on what you should be doing.  Often does dual commentaries with HD Starcraft.  Update:  Got approved for Google Ads so now you get to deal with those wonderful popups or watch commercials when you startup his videos.

3.  HD Starcraft:  A decent commentator that can get on your nerves a bit if you are easily annoyed by improper english (eg. more better).  He does keep the pace moving decently and like Husky offers insight into what is going on and possible alternatives to what they should have done.  Most games posted are of pro quality and often does dual commentaries with Husky Starcraft.  Update:  Got approved for Google Ads so now you get to deal with those wonderful popups or watch commercials when you startup his videos.

4.  Mancatcher:  I’m hesitant to even list this one.  His commentating is… colorful and often not safe for work or children.  He’s easily distracted and goes off into rants.  If you are desperate for commentating on SC2 video’s then you might check him out, just know you’ve been warned about the language.  Update:  I deleted him from my list quite some time ago.  The language was just too much for me.  I just checked and he does still upload videos.

5.  BlizShouter:  This is the channel for Crota one of the content staff members for  Good, decent commentator.
“Crota is probably one of the most knowledgeable of the SC YT commentators IMO.” – Gradius

6.  SaharaDrac:  This is the channel for, dun dun dun, SaharaDrac.  He is another of the content staff members for SCLegacy and a lot of his videos are uploaded to their that channel as well.  His opening commentary is usually a bit dry but it’s overall pretty good.
“Sahara probably has the most entertaining commentaries when it comes to SC2.” – Gradius

7.  Day[9]:  Day[9] is not only a progamer but he’s also a procommentator.  The link for him is to his page on Team Liquid’s website.  He does commentaries, strategy, teaching… you name it he does it.  Tons of great information to be found here.

8.  AskJoshy:  I found him more recently and it was a great find.  He has a very calm and relaxed voice but it’s not so laid back you fall asleep.  He’s less frantic than HD or Husky.  Highly recommended.  I also just found out he does a gaming blog that might be worth a good read.

9.  iCCup TV:  iCCup TV is a popular series of tournies ran by… I’m not sure who.  The VODs on this site are the live commentaries done on their games.  Some of them are good (the ones with AskJoshy or Makh) and some of them are not so good (the ones that have multiple commentators).

10.  Makh Starcraft:  I recently found his channel (read: as in literally just now when I’m writing this post) but I’ve heard several of his commentaries via the iCCup TV channel.  Decent voice, not overly exuberant, definitely recommended watching.  Makh has his own website and uses some of his VODs to explain different strategies and such.  They aren’t labeled but the fact they exist is always a good thing.

11.  PsyStarcraft:  His are the games that I watch when I don’t have anyone else to watch.  If you like ManCatcher you will probably like PsyStarcraft because he reminds me of a semi censored version of him.  He does post often though and it’s always nice to have more SC2 to watch!

Retired: Adding a retired section for youtube channels that have videos but are no longer adding new ones.

1.  Perfectionist Emblem:  He did quite a bit of Warcraft 3 commentary and moved to Starcraft 2 when it came out.  His VODs for SC2 though have no actual commentary, they are just him playing.  He disappeared and haven’t seen him in quite some time.

2.  Diggity:  I really like his voice for commentating.  He has been on a hiatus for about two months due to IRL and said he’d be back in August.

3.  Starcraft Scientist:  I checked it out and its mainly little bits of things you can do and such.  The “science” behind it.  Some useful stuff for those looking for a bit more specific information.  Hasn’t posted anything in quite some time and I don’t expect him back anytime soon.  Especially with the nature of his video’s being a bit off the track of what most of us are looking for (which is SC2 VODs).

4.  Total Halibut and theEmperor:  Has a great british voice that casts very well.  He got into World of Warcraft: Cataclysm beta and hasn’t posted anything SC2 related in quite some time.  Does have some decent videos though that are highly recommended.
“They do this sports style commentating. I love how they mix together. And the British character applied is just awesome.” -GnaReffotsirk

5.  SC2GG Rise:  Gets easily excited and often causes me to turn my speakers up or down.  His voice is a bit nasal and offsetting to me personally but he is quite popular.  He hasn’t posted anything since beta phase 1 went down so waiting on an update from him.

Quotes are from people on the Starcraft Legacy forums that helped me compile this list.

Hope you find this info helpful and get to eat up some more Starcraft 2 info!

Originally posted 4.16.10
Updated on 7.15.10


9 thoughts on “Starcraft 2 VODs [Update]

  1. Xeo says:

    lol You should skip one though and definitely move to number 2. The update in graphics alone makes it worth it.

  2. Xeo says:

    That’s okay, LOTS of people srsly suck at the multiplayer aspect. I’ve been playing a bit of the ladder stuff but mostly playing custom maps like Nexus Wars and some of the various Tower Defense games.

  3. Xeo says:

    Heya man. I’ll keep an eye on your blog / content site and if it’s something I read often I’ll totally link you. I only link to places I read often and promote just via my opinion as a good site. Hope you keep it going and we’ll see what happens!

    You haven’t made a post since May though…

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