FNCCC 7 – Michael Symon

First of all, big thumbs up for all those that participated in the baking challenge last week.  I know there are lots of peeps out there that cook but look at baking as some sort of devil child best locked in a closet.  I hope whatever you made was amazing and that you loved it or at least learned from it!

If you’ve ever watched the food network then you have probably seen this guys face.  He took over Dinner Impossible for awhile… just long enough for them to realize that even if the guy hosting it lied about his credentials he was hella good.

After that I remember seeing Michael guest judge on several of the cooking shows until he got the chance to compete in the next Iron Chef.  He ended up winning that which made me sad cuz I totally think Amanda Freitag is better but whatever!

I’m getting sidetracked… so, yea… Michael Symon is our chef this week.  You can find his recipes here.

Betsy pointed out to me that while it doesn’t show ALL of their recipes in the top 100 if you click the box that says “Search Michael Symon’s Recipes” and put in something like chicken it will bring up all his dishes that have chicken.  It will even show ones not listed in the top 100.  That way if you have some idea of what you want to make you can find a fitting recipe for it.


4 thoughts on “FNCCC 7 – Michael Symon

  1. Tagra says:

    Requesting someone make the Salmon and Horseradish cheesecake. Because, *why* would you do that to cheesecake? I need a report on this.

    *I’m* not going to do it because I hate salmon AND horseradish. Cheesecake is awesome though.

  2. Xeo says:

    LOL! Maybe you could make cheesecake and just modify it to not have the nasty things? I agree though, WHY would you butcher a cheesecake like that?!

  3. Tagra says:

    If I make a cheesecake we will eat a cheesecake. Gyms are too expensive to invalidate a membership like that.

    I actually did look through the recipes tonight for dinner, but the search function tricked me. I had some linguine I wanted to do something with, so I searched for linguine, found a perfect recipe that I had (most of) the stuff for and copied it all out… and then realized it had actually taken me off to Rachel Ray’s recipes even though I searched under Michael here. I guess he doesn’t have any linguine recipes.

    Anyway, whoever’s recipe it was, it was good. I dicked around with the recipe a bit just to ensure it would infuriate you, though.

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