FNCCC 6 – Duff Goldman

Wow… we are up to week 6 already.  I can’t believe we’ve been going on this long.  Big grats to everyone who has been working hard each week.  It’s awesome to see how we’ve found great recipes and had a few disasters along the way.

This week we have the Ace of Cakes himself, Duff Goldman.  Duff is a ton of fun and mainly does baking like things (/gasp in horror).  His recipes page on Food Network only lists 9 recipes so we should have a bake off and see who can make the best pumpkin cake!

I’m kidding… about us all making the pumpkin cake that is.

I’m kind of kidding.  He hardly has any recipes at all and I can’t find a blog or something for him that would list more recipes.

That means this week is actually going to be the fucking baking challenge.  Just find any recipe you haven’t made before (which for me is almost every recipe in existence) that requires you to do baking type of things and go at it!


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