Tagra’s Tactics pt.2 – Know The Fights

Today’s guest post is again by the mouthy and intelligent Tagra.  I’m glad to bring you part two of Tagra’s Tactics.

Know the Fights!

Know the Fights:
There are so many resources now that there is really no excuse for not at least having a vague idea of what is about to happen. I’m very much a learn-by-doing…-er, so I understand that the wall of text on Wowwiki doesn’t translate very well into “oh fuck there’s fire everywhere” until you’ve died to it once.


There’s really no excuse for not realizing that standing in fire is a bad thing, even if you have never seen this particular shade of fire before.

If there’s a new person don’t fucking talk about the fight for 30 fucking minutes, arrrghhh. Seriously, by the time you shut the fuck up and pull everyone will have lost focus and the new person won’t understand a goddamn thing you said until they see it in action anyway. If you have to talk, do it in a point form summary of things that will kill us, or on the SECOND PULL when they have a frame of reference for what you’re babbling on about. Thanks.

There are several common themes in WoW bosses, and learning them helps you pick up on what a new fight is going to expect, even if you haven’t seen it before. If it is killing you, don’t stand in it. If it is killing someone else and is attackable, we usually have to kill it so you might want to think about making a target macro.

/target XXX

It’s important to understand why we do certain things on fights, too. I remember on my first raid ever back in Molten Core, I asked the raid lead “why do we do (thing)?”, and their answer was “I dunno why, that’s just what we’re supposed to do.” This was before the days of guides on the internet, so the next attempt I went and did the opposite of it, whatever it was, and it did something god awful horrible to me and then I understood why it was vital to avoid it.

Before I understood that, it didn’t really seem all that important to me to avoid it. I was avoiding some faceless monster that didn’t seem worrisome because it was just another series of steps in the sequence, not something vital to remember to do. Remember to switch to the tree on Freya! But it’s not even doing damage! Surely I should keep killing these adds before worrying about th… a tree that will heal everything and wipe us if we don’t kill it in the next couple seconds? Oh shit, ok kill trees…

Which reminds me…

(to be continued in Tagra’s Tactics pt.3)


2 thoughts on “Tagra’s Tactics pt.2 – Know The Fights

  1. Addy says:

    Tagra was the bomb in MC. Which makes me think of a bomb story. Our group was really having issues running out when they became the bomb. Our RL stood in the designated corner and told people to run to him to try and kill him. We didn’t have 1 problem after we instituted that 1 small change.

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