Tagra’s Tactics pt.1 – Know Your Class

Quite some time ago I had asked Tagra for a guest post (cuz she’s long winded).  She certainly didn’t disappoint and provided me with an enormous post that scared me.  I’m going to be breaking it down into smaller sections.  Yes, it’s about WoW… I still read up on WoW =p

Xeo wants a “Do’s and Don’ts of Raiding” post, and apparently I have sufficiently fooled him into thinking I am qualified to write one. This is an excellent opportunity to bitch about things that annoy me, but I’ll try to talk about useful things too.

Profanity warning. I curse sometimes. A little.

You are in a raid, gosh what should you do??!

Know your Class.
Yeah I know, that’s kind of “durr really?” but there are a shocking number of people who don’t actually know the capabilities of their class. You might even be raiding with them right now. It’s not entirely their fault, though. Knowing your class is actually far more involved than levelling to 80 would have you believe.

The in game interface teaches you roughly fuck-all about what your class should be doing in a raid, or what your capabilities actually are. As a tank you have no idea what your HP should be, other than “not 0”, nevermind the fact that there is a defense cap. As a healer you have no idea if you should be getting spellpower gems, haste gems, crit gems!??!? As a DPS you don’t even get (non-addon) in game feedback about how much overall damage output you’re actually doing, much less how much you should be doing, and how to do it. The game proudly tells us we have “8%” increased chance to hit bosses, and we go “sweet, I’m hit capped.” and actively avoid getting any more hit rating. Why doesn’t it fucking say 100% chance to hit? We know it’s 100% because someone sat at a target dummy and calculated it, then posted about it on the internet.

It’s unfortunate, but learning how to maximize the capability of your class requires hunting down people who do things like that and finding out what they have learned, because the interface doesn’t tell us useful things all the time.

Here’s the caveat though.

Beware the “cookie-cutter”. You probably won’t actually go wrong with the cookie-cutter build of the week, because it’s cookie-cutter for a reason, right? But it annoys me to see people go cookie-cutter without understanding why it is the cookie-cutter build.
This is very important, in my opinion, because next week when the patch comes out and they go “oh by the way we just changed all your core class abilities”, the ones who went cookie-cutter simply because it’s cookie-cutter are left lost and confused, mashing the same buttons and wondering what happened. Those who understand why their build is the way it is are able to understand the change, adjust rotations or specs immediately and continue to do their best… and then post the new improved cookie-cutter so that everyone else can catch up.

Look at the talents and rotation you use and try to understand why it is that way, and if it makes sense to have it that way. That alone makes you a better player.

Tomorrow… Tagra’s Tactics pt.2


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