FNCCC 5 – Sandra Lee

This week we have the illustrious Sandra Lee.  I’ve been choosing randomly but this week she was chosen on purpose.  Sandra Lee makes a cocktail with every horrific meal she scrapes together and Den(Dariar) has been wanting to get liquored up since Ina’s margaritas.

I’ve never been much of a fan of this chicks show.  She always sounds like she’s talking down to you, that she’s a chef and you aren’t so suck it up nancy.  I can’t complain though when I look at most of her recipes.

She makes them more user friendly, especially to people who live in small towns and probably can’t get a lot of ingredients some of the chefs call for (ie. grapeseed oil, lemon grass, fresh sea creatures).  In fact it is because of this that her husband’s mom (who is true italian) doesn’t like her because her lasagna calls for cans of tomato and cottage cheese instead of the super traditional elements.

I still don’t like Sandra but I’m lookin’ forward to cookin’ slash drinking her recipes!


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