FNCCC 2 – Alexandra Guarnaschelli

Our first week has gone by all!  Big grats to all those who participated and I’m really excited to see any new comers we might have.  If you don’t know what FNCCC is just click here.

We are now in week 2 (May 30th – June 5th, 2010) and our second chef will be… drum roll please… wait, you read the title of the post, Alex Guarnslieklsncoi4@21.  I’m not sure how you say her last name, I gave up on it.  Her bio over at Food Network is a pretty good read.

I’ve seen her on Iron Chef and several times judging on Chopped.  Chopped is a great premise but tends to suck a bit cuz of Ted Allen who really brings the show down in my opinion… he’s like Droopy the dog.

Chopped is where I fell in love with this chef though.  She is always clear and concise in what she likes and dislikes but she doesn’t belittle you with the helpful information she provides.  This REALLY comes across when you read through her recipes.  A lot of the recipes I’ve come across leave out important information to budding cooks like myself.

In this recipe she points out that you should, “To avoid a possible flame up, move pan away from the stove and carefully add the vermouth.”  I never would have thought about something like that until, oh noes! my house is on fire!  In this recipe she reminds you of, “Remember that “carry over” cooking (when the roast comes out of the oven and rests) will mean the temperature will increase a few degrees after the roast is removed from the oven. If it’s undercooked, you can always cook it more, but if overcooked, there is no fixing it!”  It is the little things like this that make me like and respect her even more as a chef and a teacher of the culinary arts.

I’ve gone through her recipes and I’m REALLY excited by her this week.  She has a ton of good stuff and I’m even going to try something difficult this week (but certainly not the 3 and 4 course meals that our illustrious overachievers Daemia of Casual Collective and Shiningstar did last week)!


5 thoughts on “FNCCC 2 – Alexandra Guarnaschelli

  1. D says:

    That’s a horrible picture of her.

    At the gym today, I saw Big Daddy’s show, which was much more impressive than the recipes. Maybe he just needs to hire a more gay writer to adequately capture how many y’s that show rates on the heyyyyyyyyyyy scale to spice up how those recipes read. “Girl, you be sippin in this Pos-mo but you gonna end up on the floah!”

    Also, I saw A-Guar on Best Thing I Ever Ate, and she looks and sounds, well…alive. Contrary to what that photo conveys.

  2. Shiny says:

    The woman seems to have an obsession with gluten-laden foods. I’ll see what I can come up with.

  3. Xeo says:

    @D – I like that photo cuz I feel like she’s about to jump out of it and cut a bitch.

    @Shiny – Its just an intolerance! I’m lactose intolerant and I drink milk, eat cheese, and suck down ice cream. You’ll live!

  4. I have committed to doing 3 recipes this week… mainly because I couldn’t decide which recipe I wanted to do.

    Really it’s because Shindig and D made me feel like a total underachiever last week!

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