FNCCC Reminder

Heya all, just a quick reminder that Sunday the first chef of the week was posted.  I should be making my recipe tonight assuming I can stand up long enough to do it.  I managed to get a slight sunburn Sunday when I was painting the chairs and I put some lotion on it last night… that I had an allergic reaction to.

Have you ever used a rusty spoon to gouge out holes in your back that you filled with molten steel?  Yea, that’s what it was like.  Clawing my flesh off would have been a boon.  I took 3 Benadryl and only managed to get to sleep because I had two Ziploc bags of ice on my back to numb the pain.

It felt a lot better this morning but the itch is very slowly coming back.  I’m gonna try some calamine lotion tonight to see if maybe part of the itch is from the sunburn wanting to peel.  If that doesn’t do it then I’m gonna just go to the emergency room and probably end up with a steroid shot.  I think they do those in the butt right?  Remind me to wear clean undies.

I’m planning to get mine done tonight fingers crossed.  Betsy made hers last night and it was ohhhhhhh so good.

I hope everyone else is coming along nicely and cya tomorrow!


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