Furniture Makeover

Saturday I bought these chairs for $15.  My grand plan was to paint and reupholster them but I wasn’t too sure how easy it was to reupholster.  I mean, just look at the word, trying to spell it is difficult enough!

Luckily I have the internetz though.  There are TONS of videos on reupholstering out there, especially for chairs like these where its just a simple cushion screwed into the top of the chair.

The first chairs cushion took FOREVER.  I ripped the upholstering up but on at least half of the staples they stayed stuck in.  Not having a pair of pliers REALLY made this part suck since I had to wiggle the staples out by hand.  Luckily I was in front of the TV watching a movie so it was just time consuming (and hard on the fingers).

I got the fabric at a local craft store, Hobby Lobby, on sale and only spent $12 on 2 yrds of it.  The fabric had some light folds in it so it made lining up the pattern very easy.  You put one staple in and go to the opposite side and put in another staple.  Then you do that on the left / right sides just like that.  Make sure you pull the fabric taught each time and just slowly work your way around making sure to mirror the staples.

The corners on the first one were a bit difficult for me.  I pulled the fabric tight without any problem but was having issues stapling it down.  I had to use my foot to keep the cushion from sliding around and my elbow to pin it down while one hand held the fabric in place and the other one was holding the staple gun while I jockeyed around to put enough pressure on the staple gun.  The corners definitely look a bit butchered on the bottom but it looks magnificent on the top!

Next on the list was painting the chairs.  I’m a messy painter to say the least.  I painted on Sunday and I’m STILL finding paint on me.  It doesn’t help that I managed to get a nice sunburn from sitting outside all day.  Stupid clouds apparently don’t block sun like you think they do.

Whoever reclaimed or refinished or redid the chairs the first time did a pretty half assed job.  They were originally painted white and they tried to strip it but there were tons of white flecks still in the deeper parts of the wood grain.  They stained it but didn’t put on a sealer which turned out to be a good thing for me.  I decided to just try to paint over the stain / old paint instead of trying to sand it down.  The wood was so dried out you’d think it was barn wood, it took 3 coats of paint to get the chairs to the color I wanted; they just kept drinking the paint.

All in all I got two chairs ($15), new fabric ($12), black enamel paint ($6), and 1 day of my life (priceless) to make two very beautiful chairs that will look great in the living (when I get it painted red… maybe next weekend).


7 thoughts on “Furniture Makeover

  1. Xeo says:

    @D: Thanks… I wish I had thought of that. I did use them to hold the seat cushion in place though while I screwed it back on.

    @Shindig: When I moved into my house, literally everything I owned except for my bookshelf would fit in the backseat / trunk of my car.

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