MiniMap Monday


Since I started blogging I started reading a lot of other blogs (I know, imagine that). I get a chance to see a lot of awesome posts this way and I thought the drudgery of Monday’s would be a great way share those posts and other interesting things that I stumble upon with you.

Each Monday I’ll be bringing you a Mini Map (thx Linaa!) of things I came across last week. Anything that isn’t work safe is denoted as such [NSFW]. If you come across anything you think is awesome and should be included in a Mini Map Monday then feel free to email me at

Thanks all, I hope you enjoy them.

Today’s minimap brought to you by the makers of inappropriate.

1.  We start off with a nice set of pictures that are mildly NSFW.  Why is it mildly not safe?  Well, for one it has puppets in it and puppets are soooo cute and how can they be bad?  Well, you put them in situations doing things that make you think you might feel violated.

2.  It’s all fun and games until someone gets launched like a rocket.

3.  Facial hair has always fascinated me.  I’m a quarter Native American and so I haven’t been able to really grow anything discernible ever (even though I’m getting close to 30).  I grew my first mustache during the month of March and after 30 days had to shamefully shave it off because it… well it didn’t work on me let’s just put it that way.  Had I checked the trustworthiness of beards scale I would have been okay though, my Burt Reynolds would have held up just fine… except for the fact it was about as full as a 15 year old boy’s first year in puberty /le sigh.

4.  Inappropriate in the sense that it fucks your brain up.

5.  Seriously Texas?  This is the first I had heard about the changes Texas was proposing.  You have probably heard about it by now and it has gotten a bit more out of hand.

6.  Not to be outdone though Oklahoma decides not to change history, simply choosing to show it instead.

7.  Oh man… all the inappropriate things you could do with something like this

8.  USED to love the way those nerdy glasses look on your significant other?  USED to like that geek talk?  Well, here’s how to get rid of him.

9.  Spring is in full force of course and everyone is probably working on their beach bodies (or at least shoveling your ass into a swimsuit that doesn’t make you look like kids will be throwing water on you to help wash you back into the sea).  This information might help out with your diet a bit.

10.  Working in the adult industry means that I do read some adult blogs.  Most of the stuff I find there will NEVER make it to something like this and I’m almost a bit hesitant to link this but I’m going to do it anyway.  The video is mostly safe for work but the lyrics are not.  Put on some head phones or send the kids to play.  It’s about Glee is why I had to mention it, its funny but definitely NSFW!  (It is in on Youtube and they won’t let you show nudity or things like that it’s mainly the lyrics that are an issue).

11.  Let’s end on something inappropriate to some and funny as fuck to others.


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