Garage Sales!

There is something about going to garage sales that drives me wild.  Betsy and I go and she takes all the address’ in the paper and plots them on our local map (she found a nifty program for doing it).  Then we go around like we have a treasure map seeing what crazy things we can find.

Today wasn’t as eventful as it has been in the past.  Last night was a lot of the local school’s homecomings so not that many people were prepared for this morning.  We were done 2 hrs earlier than we normally are but we still found a few things.

Betsy didn’t find much… just some books for her daughter, but when you only pay 75 cents for 3 books… you have to call it a good deal.

I on the other hand had a bit more luck today.  I’ve been slowly collecting some random cookware from garage sales and finally managed to pick up a potato masher and a whisk.  The whisk is a bit rusty though so I’m not sure how I feel about that.  The masher on the other hand is in great condition (probably used to bludgeon someone to death in the past or help shove the body into the wall).  (50 cents)

The big find though was two chairs.  They are a bit wobbly but I think I can fix it, they definitely seem old.  The guy was speaking some language that wasn’t english (wasn’t french or german or russian (that would have been hot) or anything I recognized).  He was driving off a lot of potential buyers though cuz he kept trying to hard sell everything.

Just leave people the fuck alone.  Offer your help if you want then leave me alone.  I messed with the chairs some though and I think I can make them more sturdy… I’m not 100% sure but I can always get my grandfather to help me.  He makes things out of other things all the time.

The thing I was most excited about was the fact that I would get to reupholster the seats.  I’m not sure why owning a home has got me all handyman’ish but I’ve got this urge to do things myself and take on unrealistic tasks that I probably shouldn’t.  Luckily I’m not easily phased by the thought of, “You can’t do this!  You’re nucking futs!”

The guy mentioned his mother refurbished the chairs but I’m not so sure.  They definitely need some work and it doesn’t look like the stain was put on thick enough or worked into the wood because of lots of little… gaps I guess is the word I’m lookin’ for.

I’m gonna sand them down a bit and go over them with a semi-gloss black.  I have the fabric picked out for the chairs, its white with some black design on it.  I’ll have to post a pic when I get them put together like I want them.

The price on the chairs?  $15 for the pair.  He wanted $20 but I won’t pay full price for anything!


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