(IRL) Sweet Tater Fries & Avocado Dip

Why is it the best stories don’t start at the beginning?  Well, they do… just… they give you that big up jump to the climax and then rush back to the beginning.  Thus, I present you with this…

You have to wonder what step in the process calls for your dip to be smeared across the counter.  Pssst, that step doesn’t exist.  I’ll show you!  These are my 1337 recipe cards.

Yes, they’re post-its.  I believe I’ve already stated my love of office supplies.  You’ll notice there is nothing on them that says Pour dip on counter, use fingers to eat it.

It’s tough to get across to people just how little cooking experience I have.  Little things that I’ve seen Betsy do when she cooks mean nothing to me until you are doing it and then you get those… THAT’S why she did it moment.

Can anyone tell me why sweet potatoes are shaped like dried pumpkin stuffed intestines?  It’s nothing like chopping regular potatoes, their roughly round and not as dense.  Did you know cutting a sweet tater is like using a butter knife on gravel?  It took me forever to cut them into fry shapes and by then my 450 degree preheated oven made the kitchen feel like the furnace room in Utgarde Keep.  I swear the oven was spewing fire when I opened it.

I finally got them cut up and got ready to lightly coat them in oil so the dry spices would stick and I realized…  I don’t own a big bowl, I used the pasta pot instead.  Once their lightly coated with the oil you toss them with the spices to coat them.  Oh, side note on chopping the sweet taters, I left the skin on.  DEFINITELY made them better.


I put them on the baking sheet (covered in aluminum) and put them in the oven on the bottom rack for roughly 20 mins.  After 20mins the directions say to put them on the top rack for 10 mins… I just turned the broiler on like several of the comments suggested.  It mostly turned out… they weren’t as crispy as I had hoped.  I think it was because I didn’t cut them thin enough but they were still squishy in the center.  They were REALLY fucking good.

While they were baking I decided I’d make the avocado dip.  You take all the ingredients and put ’em in a blender and blend ’til its smooth.  I had a bit of trouble blending it because its a bit too thick to fall down on the blender blade so I had to shake the blender (that’s safe right?) while I had it on puree.

I made a few changes to the base recipe, I only used 1/2 the lime and tasted it.  The lime was fine for me at this point and so I had a shot of tequilla with the other half.  I also sub’d sour cream in place of the mayo.  I usually eat guaca-cream (guacamole and sour cream mixed together in equal parts) when I go to mexican restaurants so I figured I’d be safer with that (plus others recommended it).

I went to take the… uhm… container part of the blender off and was having trouble unlocking it.  I started to unscrew it and did you know that the container part unscrews from the base that holds the blade?  Maybe they all don’t… mine does.  I lifted it up and prompted dropped all the contents of the blender all over the place.  That’s right, I failed to use a blender.

Oh, don’t forget to season!  I’ve seen cooking shows and the common thing is that peeps forget to put in salt / black pepper.  I think how hard can it be to remember something you should do to every dish?


Luckily adding salt to the dip was easy as I could just blend it a little longer (this was before the unfortunate counter accident).  The fries weren’t so lucky.  I didn’t salt them until I put them under the broiler.

All in all they turned out great.  I was really happy with them and I definitely plan to make them again.  I’ll make sure to cut the fries smaller so they crisp up easier.

Actual recipe…

Sweet Potato Fries
2x Large Sweet Potatoes
2 tables spoons olive oil
1 teaspoon paprika
1/2 teaspoon chili powder
1/2 teaspoon ground coriander

– Preheat oven to 450 degrees.
– Cut sweet potatoes into fry like shapes.
– Toss the sweet potato pieces with the olive oil to lightly coat them (giving the spices something to stick to).
– Add the spices (paprika / chili powder / ground coriander) and toss the sweet potatoes again, making sure to coat them as best as possible.
– Place the sweet potatoes on a cookie sheet (covered in aluminum foil or parchment paper) and place on the bottom rack for roughly 20 minutes.
– Move the sweet potatoes to the top rack and allow them to cook for an additional 10 minutes.

Note:  If you don’t have a top rack use the broiler.  After 10 minutes use a spatula to scrape the fries around a bit so they don’t stick (trick learned from Betsy).

Avocado Dip
1x avocado
1/3 cup mayonnaise
1/3 cup cream cheese
1 jalapeno (seeded and chopped)
2 scallions (fancy name for green onions, you only want the white / light green parts)
1x lime

– Put all of the ingredients into a blender and blend until smooth.

Note:  You can sub sour cream for the mayo (it’s what I did).  You might also only want to add 1/2 the lime, blend, taste, and see if you want the additional lime in it.


10 thoughts on “(IRL) Sweet Tater Fries & Avocado Dip

  1. D says:

    lawl blender fail

    The color of the sweet potato fries does look excellent, though. I’m excited that we’re slowly turning our WoW blogs into cooking blogs!

  2. Shiny says:

    When I make sweet potato fries, I put the sweet potato sticks into a large gallon size ziploc bag. Then I add the oil, zip it shut and shake it up. No dirty bowl to wash later. 🙂

  3. Shiny says:

    Question…when you say your dip has 1 lime…you do mean just the juice, not the skin etc. right?

  4. Xeo says:

    The juice of one lime. I only used 1/2 a lime in the first batch I made and a whole lime in the 2nd. Betsy liked it with a whole lime… I liked it with 1/2 a lime.

  5. The whole lime gave it just a little extra acidity to help cut through the sweet of the sweet potatoes and the richness of the avocado/sour cream mixture.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I am gonna have to try them both…they sound so good.. so you have decided to become a chef!! wow that is great 🙂 .. Just a note i have the best spice ever.. it is called Roasted Garlic and Red Peppers.. i put it on nearly everthing (meat wise) that i cook.. but you can also put it in your veggies while they are cooking.. Miss both you and Betsy and Dar.. {{{{Hugs}}} Love you all..On a side note Will..just make sure that if it’s electric that you turn it off first before you go taking it apart.

  7. Xeo says:

    LOVE YOU TAP! I miss your sultry voice ya know. Sometimes… when I’m in bed… wait, this is public!

    I’ll have to try that for sure. I’ve been mixing random things on the chicken to see what it tastes like and I did something to this poor chicken breast last night that… well… I had to have take-out.

    I hope everything is going great with you /hugs and <3!


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