Deathwing ALPHA Model

Normally I’d put a disclaimer here but I’m not actually posting any Cataclysm info (well kind of, you’ll see).  World of Raids has posted an article on Why the NDA is Counterproductive.  It’s a good read for sure and definitely makes sense.  If Blizzard sends me an email (wouldn’t that be neat!) then I’d certainly take the info out of this post but lets get serious… I’m so low on Blizzards radar that I’m the bacteria that lives in the vomit that comes out of flies that swarm around the garbage of the building next to Blizz HQ.

MMO Champs also talked a bit about the NDA, saying they could get sued for posting things on the website (which tells me that they have people in the Alpha).  How can you be sued for posting things you didn’t agree not to post?

MMO hasn’t however started moderating the forums against people posting Cataclysm info.  I haven’t really been checking cuz I only mildly care and plus they’ll do a huge post once the NDA is lifted.

There is however… the Deathwing Alpha Model that was posted onto the forums.

Things to keep in mind… this is an ALPHA model.  The Lich King was a human in the lich kings armor for a lot of the Frozen Thrones alpha / beta.  I’m sure it’ll be updated a bit more so don’t freak out.  Personally I like it though.  I think they’ll push it a bit further, me personally I’d like it to be a bit more like the pictures they show.  How he stands less like a dragon and more like a lumbering beast.  The big upper torso that makes him kind of look like a bull dog on the prowl.


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