MiniMap Monday


Since I started blogging I started reading a lot of other blogs (I know, imagine that). I get a chance to see a lot of awesome posts this way and I thought the drudgery of Monday’s would be a great way share those posts and other interesting things that I stumble upon with you.

Each Monday I’ll be bringing you a Mini Map (thx Linaa!) of things I came across last week. Anything that isn’t work safe is denoted as such [NSFW]. If you come across anything you think is awesome and should be included in a Mini Map Monday then feel free to email me at

Thanks all, I hope you enjoy them.

1.  Yo’ momma jokes will be around until time stops ticking.  The variations on yo momma jokes are much like your mom in fact, they are everywhere.  It’s yo momma jokes based off the Protoss unit the Mothership because it is well… a honken large unit that you can only have one of.  I’ve read like 10 pages of them and some of them are absolutely to die for.  My personal favorite though, “In Soviet Russia, Yo Mommaship jokes about you.”  Even the blue’s have gotten in on it, “Yo Mommaship so fat she uses select all at the dinner table.”  Okay, I’m done… go read them for yourself!  There are tons of them (literally pages and pages).

2.  Linaa pointed me to a webcomic, Explosm, that is just HI-larious.  This one in particular is sooooo fucking funny (to me anyway… wait, don’t take that the wrong way).

3.  People are nucking futs sometimes.  I mean really… to go through this much effort to get your personalized hate speech on a license plate that is so coded that the only people who knows what it means are your drunk friends.

5.  More nucking futs, /le sigh… I live in Oklahoma so it always makes me sad when we make the headlines for stupidity.

5.  If this is what went on during baseball games then I’d go to more of them.

6.  Linaa is due to have her 3rd heathen soon.  She wants to do right by this one though so she found some tips on taking care of it the baby.

7.  Linaa is popular today isn’t she?  These tips apply to all of her children (read this carefully Shindig!), things they shouldn’t buy their children.

8.  This you have probably already seen but Blizzard has released a new concept art gallery.  A lot of the initial work is SC2 but deeper into the collection is some Diablo 3 stuff and Cataclysm.  Lots of really amazing artwork.

9.  I love Alot.

10.  You often waste a lot of time, this should help you waste it in an… awesome way.

11.  Nerds rejoice!  We have a top 7 list of Unique Dating Activities for Nerds that should inspire you to do great things.  I certainly don’t remember a bunch of hot shirtless guys at my LAN parties… come to think of it I don’t remember a lot of hot guys at LAN parties…

12.  And last but not least, a wonderful picture so that there is more than a wall of text today!  I hope you aren’t in the red areas!


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