Blizzards programs money

I’m sure by now everyone knows about the Celestial Steed.  While I haven’t logged in I hear its the only mount in game now.  It really is absolutely awesome, if I still played I’d own it.  I didn’t know at first but the item you get is account bound so ALL your toons can use it AND it will adjust itself to the appropriate speed.  That 310 drake you’ve been flying on forever… now you can ride your celestial steed at the same speed!

Kraylessa and I were talking about it on MSN when it was released and she got in line around 1pm PST and was 80,000th in line.  Just crazy right?  It took her about 2hrs to get to the front of the line and she got her mount.  I commented on how there was a stock level which I thought was odd since its a virtual item.  She does programming and pointed out that most sale sites like that are required to put in some number even if it is unlimited.  She figured they put in 1mil stock level and just let it go from there.

At the stock level of 1mil we started estimating how much money Blizzard was raking in.  I figured they probably made around 6-8million dollars that whole day which is really just insane but I could be wrong, especially if the stock level we estimated was wrong.

I was surprised today when I was reading another blog that has nothing to do with video games but had this to say…

Blizzard needed a new revenue stream for World of Warcraft, so they opened a store where you could buy virtual livestock for the game. This isn’t like a sheep for your Farmville – animals included a “Celestial Steed” which allows you to “travel in style on wings of pure elemental stardust.” They managed to make $2 million in four hours by selling this stuff.

2 Million dollars in 4 hrs…

<!—code begins here>
<bling=celestial steed>
<revenue=player – benjamins = bling>
<collect revenue>
<go to bank>
<swim in revenue>
<!–end code>

It’s probably more complicated then that… I’m not really sure how though.

They have another link over to Techbits with the full article about Blizzard rolling in the cash of people who like to drool (me included).

This of course sparks an even bigger debate over ingame items for gold and all that jazz.  This is one of the first items I’ve ever seen that I would consider buying for in game.  At least with the plushies (gryphon / wyvern) it worked similar to Webkinz.  You got an adorable stuffed animal and a bonus was the in game pet.

OMG did you just get the same idea?  Blizzard should start marketing Wowkinz.  All those obnoxious little critters you kill just to show how powerful you are should be turned into stuffed animals.  Then you get a code that lets you trade them in in-game for the critter AND lets you add it to your flash based game similar to Webkinz.  You could even use it as a gateway drug.  Introduce your children to Wowkinz and when they get addicted you throw ’em the hardstuff like spawn camping and gold farming and fishing!



12 thoughts on “Blizzards programs money

  1. winteros says:

    If I was still playing I would have one too. When this came out I was sad cause I really wanted it cause it’s so awesome, why couldn’t they have introduced this back when I wasn’t bored with their game 😦

  2. Hetake says:

    We need you, Xeo @_@. things are just…slipping without your constant yelling and derogatory comments…

    *I* was #1 on deathbringer the other day, people are just…slipping into complacency or something.

  3. Xeo says:

    @Winter: Yea, I’m glad Blizzard didn’t manage to jerk some more cash out of my pocket before I quit but they are absolutely lovely. I bet there’s tons of pics going around of large groups of them that look amazing.

    @Hetake: I’ve been keeping up with whats going on… you know me and my micro. Y’all are still doing great! Its a big role Grey stepped into and he’s doing an amazing job. A lot of the time you’ll see groups collapse because there isn’t a decent replacement for the old raid lead and Grey has been doing amazing. I’m sure y’all will be back on the progression path again in no time flat. It is summer coming though and that always makes it hard. The weather enticing the 12 yr olds (read: Kackler) outside.

  4. Hetake says:

    I’m reasonably surprised it happened the way it did…it was like, struggling…struggling…struggling….bam, everything lines up and we win.

  5. Xeo says:

    Oh wow thats super awesome… Cerb did anyone get any pics? I’d be happy to upload one for the guildsite. Just email it to completely unedited (don’t try to precrop it anything like that).

  6. Hetake says:

    I know we all posed for a big shot on drakes, some of us still have the old rusted since we missed one or two, but we’ll be doing followup to fill out the stuff that’s not Firefighter or Yogg+1. Marisse spent most of our sucessful attempt dead, and several people attribute that as a key factor in victory…I’m not gonna comment because I like my internal organs to stay that way.

    We also did Algalon for an hour, actually got a really close attempt, except one of the tanks let themselves get phased out at like 10% and he ran amuck.

  7. Shiny says:

    Xeo! I didn’t know you played Webkinz! I mean, I figured you needed something to occupy your time now that you are off WoW. I bet you are off decorating your pet’s room right now. Dutch IS a REAL dog, right?

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