Glee Map Monday!


Since I started blogging I started reading a lot of other blogs (I know, imagine that). I get a chance to see a lot of awesome posts this way and I thought the drudgery of Monday’s would be a great way share those posts and other interesting things that I stumble upon with you.

Each Monday I’ll be bringing you a Mini Map (thx Linaa!) of things I came across last week. Anything that isn’t work safe is denoted as such [NSFW]. If you come across anything you think is awesome and should be included in a Mini Map Monday then feel free to email me at

Thanks all, I hope you enjoy them.

Last week marked a most tremendous return of a long awaited show.  No, not Dallas, we already know who shot J.R.  I’m talking about GLEE!  In honor of their return I bring you Glee Map Monday!

1. In case you missed last season you can find a quick 60 second catchup at Babelgum.  If you did watch last seasons then you’ll get a kick out of the 60 second short. Its funny while still being oddly true.  We still love it though!

2. Matthew Morrison (Will) also appeared on Ellen last week for a really great interview… come to think of it, all of Ellen’s interviews are great.  It’s really crazy just how big this show has gotten so fast.  I think its so big because it harkens back to the old sitcom days of Family Matters, Full House, and the like.  Instead of another drama that drudges you through the mud to get to a bittersweet ending it lays the drama on lightly.  That way as it builds you up to the end of the show it takes you much higher and happier than most.  I rant… moving on.  Here’s Matthew on Ellen!

(Video deleted because copyright laws are being a bitch.  You have to click the link above for it now.)

3. Did you see that picture?  If not here it is again.  I couldn’t find a huge version of it when I went searching but I did find this one that has three times the fun in it!

4. Enough about Will though.  I give you… Sue Sylvester.  You’ll have to watch the one on Hulu because Fox is busy being the suck.  (The Youtube quality is meh, you can see it better over at Hulu.)

5. Let’s face it… Sue is amazing.  Here’s how she feels about everyone else (and how they feel about each other).

(Click it for a bigger version.)

6. Glee also won an award (well… tons of awards) but their most recent is at the GLAAD awards.

7. Last but not least… last weeks episode.  Just in case you missed it.


One thought on “Glee Map Monday!

  1. Shiningstar says:

    Absolutely loved the poster of how Sue sees it (and the others too). Glee and BBT are the only two shows I even bother watching on TV with any regularity, aside from Spongebob. I mean, who misses Spongebob???

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