IRL: Shoplifting Chick Returns…

Everyday I really have to wonder just how pissed off I can get at absolutely fucking stupid people.  It’s a good thing I’m not judgmental right?  The fucking whore from earlier last week kind of returned… let me explain.

A lady just came back in and was trying to return some stuff she got as a gift.  I immediately recognized the stuff and realized one of the outfits was actually a stolen outfit.  The cunt gave away the stuff she actually paid for to her niece.

I was of course… raging.  I didn’t think it through very well and let her know that we didn’t take stuff back sorry and that the lady who bought that stuff had actually stolen some things while she was in here.

The girl just looked at me like… uhm… sorry?

If I had thought it out better I might ask for the ladies name.

Maybe I could have mentioned that she was in here the other day with her boyfriend and her pill head nephew who was trying to sell me drugs.

I really need anger management.


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