MiniMap Monday


Since I started blogging I started reading a lot of other blogs (I know, imagine that). I get a chance to see a lot of awesome posts this way and I thought the drudgery of Monday’s would be a great way share those posts and other interesting things that I stumble upon with you.

Each Monday I’ll be bringing you a Mini Map (thx Linaa!) of things I came across last week. Anything that isn’t work safe is denoted as such [NSFW]. If you come across anything you think is awesome and should be included in a Mini Map Monday then feel free to email me at

Thanks all, I hope you enjoy them.

I don’t have a whole lot for you today.  I was slacking a bit last week and didn’t find very many interesting things AND it seems some of the websites are now mysteriously not there so my list of 10 is like… 3.  WTF yo.

  1. Everyone has one in their guild… that player that logs in and his sobriety is questionable.  Ours is Kackler.  Here’s proof he’s never been sober…

    That isn’t the only cute baby though.  Over at Babies Making Faces Illidan might mention that you aren’t prepared.  Prepared for the sheer amount of cute that will melt your soul and scream from the rooftops… awwwwwwwww.

  2. How many times have you heard, “My cat jumped on the keyboard”?  Problem solved.
  3. I’m not a big advocate of hitting people, for any reason.  Sometimes though people do things that are so utterly horrible that it makes you wonder why they are allowed to go on living.  Never, EVER, have I seen someone I’d so readily back up over my car with as this girl (has a bit of cussing in it).
  4. You should help them, not do what the sign says.

  5. And last but certainly not least I have this wonderful video.  It seems Jimmy Fallon loves Glee almost as much as me, ALMOST.  He even did a great skit about it on his show.  Don’t forget that Glee starts back this week, April 13th (that’s Tuesday).

Have a great day all!


3 thoughts on “MiniMap Monday

  1. Kackler says:

    #4. i saw that on failblog the other day in class, and i couldn’t help but laugh in the middle of class… needless to say, people looked at me, and i laughed again.

  2. Shiningstar says:

    Haha! My favorite one is the drowning sign too. I had to look at it twice to figure out why it said “lol” and then finally got it. 😛

  3. Tagra says:

    I could probably write an interesting essay on the pervasiveness of internet acronyms into everyday life, and possibly how the depersonalization of the internet could be contributing to the “schadenfreude” parts of our personalities.

    …but I don’t feel like it.

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