IRL: Shove it in your pie hole Pizza Hut

I’m so proud.  I just got banned from Pizza Hut.  My first banning.  How awesome is that?

A friend is in town, he comes up once a month and we hang out for the day.  I’m at work so he came by and we decided to eat pizza for lunch.  Pizza Hut was his choice, I was like meh whatever but placed the order online.  Twenty minutes later our local Pizza Hut calls me and asks if I want to cancel the order or pick it up because they don’t have delivery drivers until 5pm.

Yea, you read that right.  5pm.  How the fuck does a DELIVERY pizza place stay open if they don’t have drivers until 5pm!?

I was okay though.  I laughed but whatever.  I told the lady to cancel it.  I was about 1/2way through asking if they could release my credit card when the bitch hung up on me.  It wasn’t an accidental hang up or anything like that but I was starting to get pissed.  I called right back and let it ring until the phone was picked up and then hung up.

At this point I’m fucking livid.  I mean seriously, how fucking ridiculous is this.  Just answer my question and see if we can get it resolved.  I call back and the lady immediately picks up.  I told her I was just talking to her and asked my question.  She puts the phone somewhere away from her mouth (not on hold mind you) and yells at the manager to see WTF they could do.  The lady said it would be released in 2-3 days.

I was like, seriously?  Could I come by after work and just pickup the cash then instead of canceling it?  No she said.  I’m just shit out of luck.  I told her that she might want to have it noted on the website then that they don’t deliver before 5pm so people are stuck out in the fucking cold because of miscommunication.  She said she didn’t need to hire a delivery driver for the day.

I told her I don’t give a fuck what she does I’m just trying to help others not get fucked over by her.  So she tells me not to cuss at her.

Have you ever spoken to someone who is angry?  Telling them to stop cussing at you doesn’t help the situation when you say it with a hateful bitch ass tone.  Then I say…

Fuck you, Fuck you, Fuck you, Fuck you…

And she is trying to talk over me cussing so I call her a fucking whore and hang up.

Did I go overboard?  That is for you to decide… well, I probably did and I’m sure I’ll feel bad enough about it later to call them up and apologize but right now… fuck that cunt.

I placed a complaint on their website about it being misleading and generally just bitched about the customer service.  Yes, I was an asshole but she was in a pissy mood well before I got on the phone and being hung up on doesn’t help the situation.

About an hour later an employee from Pizza Hut shows up and asks me to sign some piece of paper to verify my cancellation.  Why is this weird?

When I told her she should hirer a driver for the day then if they are going to offer the service on the website she said no and that they only had 2 people working during the day.  I had just spoken with her and the bitch that hung up on me so who is this guy that shows up at the store?  He also shows up at fucking 1pm in the afternoon… how is that possible?!  None of their people fucking deliver pizzas but they can deliver fuck you notes?

He informs me that they are no longer delivering to my place of business.  Big fucking whoop since I leave work before they start delivering pizzas (sorry employees!) and THEN he has the audacity to mumble shit as he leaves the store.  He couldn’t leave well enough alone.  He had to fucking mumble shit as he left.  Not audible enough to tell what he was saying and in a cowardly way.

What a fucker.

Fuck you Pizza Hut.

Edit:  I called and apologized for cussing the bitch out.  Kind of.  Well, it was backhanded apology.  Told her that I was mad because her employee hung up on me but that I was sorry for cussing at her.  Also let her know that it doesn’t help the situation for her guy to mumble shit as he leaves since it just fans the flames.

But, just to reiterate… fuck Pizza Hut.  I’m done with you.  Domino’s is better anyway (have you tasted their new crust?  its very nice).


6 thoughts on “IRL: Shove it in your pie hole Pizza Hut

  1. Conifer says:

    Grassroots Pizza Hut boycott! Who’s with me?

    You know what pizza is awesome? Paul Newman’s frozen supreme pizza. It’s great.

    I could never eat Pizza Hut anyway. I grew up in Ann Arbor, Michigan (home of Dominos) and I went to college in Rochester, NY (home of Papa John’s). So my loyalty is with either of those 2 if I am forced to order fast food pizza.

    And speaking of fast food (not that Pizza Hut is fast since even if you go there for takeout, it can take up to 20 minutes) McDonalds is the greatest. I would eat McD’s every damn day for the rest of my short, fat, life.

  2. Shiningstar says:

    Our Pizza Hut doesn’t even deliver AFTER 5pm. And you know what? I don’t care. Because Pizza Hut pizza sucks. It’s a greasy mess and I always feel sick after eating it. I much prefer Domino’s or Papa John’s. Both of those deliver here…all day long. I guess in Oklahoma you have to take what you can get, right? Or not, since you’ve been banned.

    On a side note, this is your second “angry” post. Perhaps now that you are spending time IRL you should enroll in anger management counseling, as you no longer have raiders to vent your frustrations on. Not that we minded…too much. 🙂 Maybe a nice post about your little doggy, hmm?
    ❤ Shindig

  3. Xeo says:

    Its funny cuz right next door to where I work is a clinic that handles drug addictions, DUI classes, and anger management. I should enroll. Just leave work and go next door. Tomorrow’s post will be angry as well (copying over the posts I made on my other blog).

    Oddly enough the last line of that post is… I think I need anger management.

  4. Addy says:

    I’m a Dominos guy. I worked there in high school. I can even throw a pizza, if I have the dough.

    I’m am noticing an uptick in the anger as well. The solution is clear. Start leading raids again and abuse your raiders.

    Pizza Hut sucks balls.

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