What to do…

Welp… I’m done with WoW now (even if I’m still reading up on all the pretty things they are doing).  Did you see the shaman changes posted over at MMO Champs?  Moving while casting?  Neat isn’t it.  AE heal?  I’m not sure I’m keen on the dispel mechanics changes but you’ll just have to wait and see how it plays out.

Deep Healing: Your direct heals will do more healing when the target’s health is lower. This will scale to damage (e.g. someone at 29% health would receive more healing than someone at 30%) rather than have arbitrary break points.

The Deep Healing ability (the mastery thing from going resto) seems REALLY OP when you combine in chain heal.  Shaman healing is going to get sick pretty fast.  You add in the fact that haste not only effects the cast speed (I think it still will) but also mana regen and I can’t think of a better, gooey’er stat.

Priests with life grip… holy god.  I’d consider coming back just for that spell alone.  The other stuff… neat, sure, but the ability to make other people fail less…. /tear.


The point of this post though.  I want to continue blogging but I’m a bit torn on how to do it.  I originally started blogging back in 2007 off and on.  It was kind of 1/2 assed attempt and wasn’t too great.  I didn’t put nearly as much effort into it as I have with this blog which is why giving it up isn’t necessarily something I want to do.

  1. I could continue writing on Rez the Weak.  Flip its focus to my IRL and alienate most of my reader base that only reads for the silly stuff I have to say about WoW.
  2. Put up a link to my old blog that I used to write and go back to it, effectively starting over which isn’t a pro I’m looking forward to.

I’m mostly considering just doing number 1 though.

A bit of back story…

I manage an adult toy store, think Victoria’s Secret with vibrators.  I like to relate some of the crazy shit that happens to me at work.  I never mention names, I don’t want anyone hurt or anything like that but a lot of the stuff is rather funny to me.   Here is my post from Monday over at my other blog.  If you hate it, let me know because like I said I’m mainly leaning towards number 1.

Titled: Fucking whore

OMFG I hate people.  Seriously, if you are going to steal shit then go some where else.  I get so sick of dealing with people its regoddamdiculous.


Last week I had been pretty good.  I had been getting up early enough to eat breakfast and watch a bit of Tele, wake myself up ya know.  Well, this morning I woke up late.  Barely had time to feed my holy terror that is a dog and my cat that I swear to god… if she keeps meowing I’m gonna cut her.  I dragged my ass to work ASAP and realized I hadn’t had breakfast.


10:50 rolls around and I’m just waiting for it to hit 11.  That way I can run next door and get some yummy lunch.  Luckily for me at around 10:55 a bunch of fucking drug addicts come in the fucking door.  How do I know they are drug addicts?

“Heya man, we’re just gonna look around.”  The guy that weighs 8 lbs. and looks like Skeletor’s aborted son says.  “I don’t suppose you know anyone who wants to buy some pills?”


He’s walking around in here asking me questions while this lady, who I find out later is his aunt, is roaming around with some guy.  She was mostly nice if not scatter brained (hello, meth) but I was nice to her even though I wanted her crotch rot smelling self out of my store.  Fucking whore.  I’m so pissed at her.

I helped her find some stuff in the store and when she gets to the register she only has 2 items.  She was carrying around WAY more than that, at least 3 other items.  I asked her if she decided against the items and she said she didn’t want ‘em and hung ‘em back up.  Which she didn’t.  I could physically see the spots they hang and they weren’t fucking there.

I couldn’t just say, hey you silly cow, where the fuck is my product?  That would get me fired.  She paid for the few items she had and left.

I roamed around looking for them again, just in case and thats when I found an empty hanger where she had been fussing around.  She stole a fucking outfit to!

That isn’t the only thing this merry bunch of addicts taught me.  Skeletor’s son was looking at penis pumps and asking a lot of questions, as any man who wants a larger penis (regardless of size, that is all of us), and so I answered them.  He said, wow this one goes up to 20 inches!  Yea I said, but if you can fill that you don’t need it lol.  He said nah, I’m already packing 10 inches but I’m kinna skinny and I want it fatter.  Can you prove it I asked (in my mind).

It gets better though.  His phone rang and I often tell peeps they have to answer it and say where they were at.  He said oh no, I can’t do that.  You see that lady over there?  That’s my aunt.  The guy on the phone is her husband.  I had a queer look on my face (not the lustful kind, the wha? kind) and he said the guy in the store with her is her boyfriend.

Did I already call her a fucking whore?

Yea, my day has been great so far… not even noon and I want to burn down someones house already.  I can’t wait to see how this goes!

Edit:  Just gonna mention that you can post anonymously as well if you don’t like the direction I plan to take.  I do honestly want your feedback.


4 thoughts on “What to do…

  1. Conifer says:

    Wow. You have such an interesting life. I, personally, would love to read about the whack-jobs (not in a good way) that come into your store.

    Keep it coming!

  2. MrAcelow says:

    Sup Xeo,

    The transition away from the game in my opinion needs to be done over time. Here are some of the problems I encountered during my transition:

    *the RL friends before Wow will be very shocked to see you around. Be ready for awkward moments and many questions about the game

    *Surge of free time. “Ideal hands are the devil’s workshop.” But it seems you have enough to stay busy.

    *Withdrawal happens to everyone quitting the game. Recognizing this fact acknowledges you need to design plan to minimize the effects of withdrawal

    Here are a few suggestions:

    *How about blogging your perspective on wow related topics even start writing about your experience through a reflective perspective? This should appeal your current and future readers.

    *Become an active forum voice. Why let all that gaming knowledge go to waste?

    * Visit the Silver Hand Tavern. Its an uncensored public forum for current and former Silver Handers.

    Hope it helps,


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